Short-Term Health Insurance Helps Employees Between Jobs

Short-term health insurance may be just what a person needs at some point in their life.

"If your life is a going through some changes," said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of Benepath, Pennsylvania. "and you know you still need health insurance, you might find short-term coverage is flexible enough to cover you until your life settles down. You have the choice of 30-to-120 days in most instances, but there are also year-long plans available."

Those who apply for short-term health insurance must not have any pre-existing conditions, making this kind of coverage ideal for people waiting for their next job assignment, waiting on choosing a long-term plan that suits them, students about to find a job in the workforce, temporary workers, international students and those who work in non-traditional jobs.

"One thing to keep in mind," added Green, "is that this type of policy has a shorter time frame than most other types of insurance, and is usually non-renewable. However, each insurance company is different in what they offer for short-term health insurance, so if that is what you need, make sure you ask all the right questions to allow you to make an informed decision."

Many people find this kind of insurance appealing, as they may be approved and officially covered within 24-hours of their application, or sooner if the policy is paid for via credit card. There is usually a one-month minimum for purchasing a short-term health insurance policy.

For those needing this kind of a policy, it is also advisable that they take the time to shop around on the Internet with various insurers. Each insurance company may have similar short-term health insurance policies, but each policy may also have something different in it. "This is why it is best to ask lots of questions before buying anything," Green said. "Often insurance policies are priced as to what the market will bear, and comparison shopping online may net you a deal."

It is important to remember that short-term health insurance is just that, short-term, and many insurance providers do not renew this type of a policy. Always check the terms of any insurance purchased to be fully informed.

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