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Short Sale California Option Made Easier by the California Foreclosure Counselors

California Foreclosure Counselors is a not-for-profit entity that aims to help homeowners with issues regarding their properties by informing them about other options and guiding them in making the right decision.

Facing the prospect of foreclosure is a very difficult thing for property owners. Not only does the possibility make the credit of the homeowner suffer, it also has a heavy, negative implication as well. What many do not know, however, is that there are other options that they can use to avoid foreclosure.

California Foreclosure Counselors is a not-for-profit entity whose mission is to help homeowners with matters regarding their properties. It has helped thousands of families and individuals make the right decision by informing and guiding them throughout the very difficult process of facing possible foreclosure. One of the options that this body specializes on is the subject of short sales. Short sale California options are very helpful albeit not that known or popular to many people. Basically, it is a pre-foreclosure sale that allows a property owner to sell his/her home without worrying about all the negative impacts that foreclosure brings.

Some of the benefits of a short sale San Diego option are that it reduces if not eliminate mortgage debt, doesn't make the credit of the property owner suffer, and gives the individual a chance to purchase a home in as little as 2 years instead of waiting for the required 7 years in the event of a foreclosure.

Short sale California Foreclosure Counselors guide people in the process of applying for this option. From setting the sale price of the property to finalizing the sale, professionals from the company lend a helping hand to make everything easier for the homeowner. Counselors from the organization also assist in collecting financial information, talking to lien holders, as well as reviewing acceptable offers. With their help, the process is made smoother, easier, and less stressful for the property owner.

A short sale California method usually takes 120 days but a current settlement with state attorneys have resulted to the application of new requirements that made the process shorter and faster. Servicers are now required to give the borrowers a decision within 30 days after they got a request for a short sale. At the same time, servicers are now also tasked to inform the borrowers any lacking documents or requirements as well as the estimated amount for the deficiency payment needed in a short sale. This new set of regulations have definitely improved the usually painstaking process of applying for a short sale in California.

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