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For meeting the Taiwan No.1/World NO. 5 Power Press company requirements, Shihlin Electric launched a new type customization SF-KGC series frequency inverter, on May 5th, 2012.

General function: SF-KGC series frequency inverter provides two modes of ways to control frequency (analogy signal) and direction. First mode: through the external control terminals. Second mode: RS485 communication. Within the enhanced tracking compensation function, SF-KGC series frequency inverter can detect the rotation speed and direction of motor even in the motor idling state to avoid overcurrent.

Customization Service: The customization software makes SF-KGC series frequency inverter with the high over load capability which can be satisfied with the instant current load during the punch period. The customization hardware, metalwork, is protecting the frequency inverter in non-vibration condition.

During the deceleration period, the wheel inertia will cause regenerative voltage, which might cause the motor in the vibration condition. SF-KGC series frequency inverter can resist the regenerative voltage and protect the system! Meanwhile, in this case, SF-KGC series frequency inverter makes the motor in withstand vibration status so that the belt will not be derailed or broken.

The Applicable motor capacity of SF-KGC series is from 3.7 KW ~110 KW. The over-current capability is 150%/ 60s rev time characteristics. And with the power circuit protection: the ground short circuit and output short circuit protection (For more Electric Specification and details, please contact with us.)

SF-KGC series frequency inverter will create an excellent market share very soon.

Although SF-KGC series frequency inverter just occupied 7% of sales record in Quarter 3, we believe the rate of overall selling growth will above 150% in 2013 Q1! Reason? We get many power press field clients request/inquiry for the SF-KGC series frequency inverter every day.

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