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Sharon Ballantine Talks with Spirit Capture Portrait Artist Robbi Firestone

Sharon Ballantine TV presents Artist Robbi Firestone, who writes her subjects' stories through paintings that portray their true spirit.

Life Coach Sharon Ballantine interviews experts in their fields on her widely acclaimed weekly broadcast of The Sharon Ballantine TV Show. On a recent live presentation, she interviewed "spirit capture" portrait artist, Robbi Firestone, who has been painting more than mere portraits. She paints works that she says, "…honor one's inner essence and physical likeness."

During her interview, Firestone tells Ballantine about how a few years ago, she chose to use annual themes to focus on certain aspects of her life, where she wanted to effect change -- aspects such as cash flow and physical wellbeing, among others. Saying, "Yes!" to everything that came into her experience allowed her to focus entirely on one area of her life for the year.

Currently, Firestone is working on a project called "12 Portraits of Global Visionaries in 12 Months," through which she plans to honor what she calls, "The Teachers of the World." She believes that these 12 visionaries express their passion for life by enriching and making the world a better place for others. Her own experiences with working with visionaries, such as Michael Beckwith of "The Secret" helped her become focused by surrounding herself with people that supported her life path.

During the hour-long conversation, Ballantine also had the opportunity to offer some coaching and mentoring for Firestone, which tackled the hard-hitting emotional pain of traumatic loss. Having gone through such loss in her own life, Ballantine is able to offer advice on dealing with such personal pain.

The Sharon Ballantine TV Show is produced by Conscious Evolution Media, and episodes air live on YouTube each week. For more information about the TV show, visit, and for more information about Sharon's coaching and mentoring business, where she can teach you how to have a "magical life" by using the Universal Law of Attraction please visit

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