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Sharon Ballantine, respected life coach in the field of the Law of Attraction, has secured a coveted spot as columnist at

Sharon Ballantine, Life & Parenting Coach, has recently been added as a regular columnist for, a well-respected and comprehensive online resource for inspiration and spirituality.

Ballantine's column, "Parenting on Purpose," intends to inspire parents with tips expanded upon in her upcoming book, The Art of Blissful Parenting. Ballantine pulls these tips from her experience in raising three children and in helping them to become competent, satisfied adults.

About this new venture, Ballantine said, "To help our kids, we must help them to find their own Internal Guidance System (IGS), which guides them in choosing what is right for them. I hope to use this column to help parents teach their kids how to use their IGS, and to make sure they have the right underlying values to keep them on their highest path."

Though Ballantine is busy sharing her advice about the Universal Law of Attraction in several sites around the Internet, this new venture brings her work to the forefront of the spiritual community online. "I'm honored to be working with such key people in this niche." BeliefNet is home to information on all denominations as it pertains to wellness, love and family, and even celebrity news.

Ballantine can also be found on Conscious Evolution Media network where she hosts an inspirational Internet TV show called The Sharon Ballantine Show, in which she showcases esteemed guests, who share their passions and processes for living the best possible lives.

For more information about Ballantine and her coaching business, and to get the first chapter of her book The Art of Blissful Parenting, visit her website at To read her BeliefNet column, you can find it at .

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