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Share & Show Digital Content The Way Technology Intended: Instantly, Securely, Anonymously

The Vbukit App's Game-Changing Technology Brings Long-Awaited, Real-World Mobile Sharing To Your Digital Content

While the Cloud currently holds over 1 Exabyte of data (about 1.1 billion GBs) and is rapidly replacing personal and business devices as the place where individuals keep their personal content, security, anonymity, and ease of sharing are still woefully lacking in many Cloud services. With a 900% increase in digital information shared over the last five years, we're talking endless security breach potential. (Neowin, Gartner, McKinsey, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers) This is where the Vbukit app comes in.

Vbukit is the stunningly cutting-edge, entirely new platform and mobile app that finally solves that ever-present technological problem: How to share digital content with complete ease, anonymity, and security. We don't store or collect anything. We triple-blind the share processes with the most fundamentally game-changing sharing technology to date. Vbukit uses top-level security features to reduce your device's vulnerability to breaches that arise from hacking, viruses, and network intrusions.

The Vbukit app marries security with instant and anonymous cable-free, pair-free, email-free, and text-free sharing, showing, printing, and encrypting of your digital content. So, whether it's sending an encrypted file to a client, printing a document from your phone, sharing pictures with friends, or blowing peoples' minds at an otherwise slumber-inducing business meeting, Vbukit is that radically game-changing technology that makes everybody say, "I can't believe I ever lived without this". With Vbukit, it's as easy as select, scan, and share.


• Gives both the sender and recipient true anonymity and privacy, so neither side leaves a digital footprint.

• Allows you to share/show and control your documents and presentations simultaneously on practically every iOS 7 phones or tablets in the room.

• Lets you share files on almost any phone, tablet, computer, or Smart TV, and use your phone as the remote control.

• Makes it possible to share your digital content without cables, pairing, email, or app installation.

• Is the first technology to let you print documents on other people's printers without needing to email, login, or use someone else's Wi-Fi network.

• Enables instant point-to-point encryption when sharing files on your phone, or from the Cloud, with one or more mobile devices nearby.

"No one is doing what we're doing: offering the most powerful, real-world, mobile storytelling tool in history," says Vbukit CEO & Founder Einar Rosenberg, one of the world's top 10 authorities in Near Field Communications (NFC) and mobile payment technologies. "Vbukit is the highly intuitive, fundamentally disruptive sharing technology that techies and consumers alike have been waiting for. We're thrilled and beyond excited to be able to provide a new technology that combines total simplicity with real privacy and anonymity."

Vbukit is available in two versions; Vbukit free and Vbukit PRO. The free version allows you to share or show files with most phones, tablets, computers, and Smart TVs. The additional features available in the PRO version include the ability to: share or show a presentation simultaneously on nearly every phone or tablet in the room while using your phone as the remote control; print mobile office files on practically anyone else's printer without jeopardizing security or privacy; and send encrypted files in as little as three clicks - all without sharing personal information. A subscription to Vbukit PRO is $2.99 a month.

REAL, real-world applications:

Scenario for real-world socializing: You just got married, you have photos on your phone or tablet, and you want to show them to your friend. With Vbukit, there's no need to mess with emailing, texting, pairing, or even installing an app. In just a few clicks, you can display and control your wedding slideshow on someone else's smartphone, tablet, computer, or Smart TV. When you're done, the pictures disappear from that person's device. (If your friend wants to keep any of the pics, simply use the Give option to instantly and securely give him or her the photos.)

Scenario for real-world business interaction: You're giving a presentation at a conference. You walk into a room of 25 people who've already heard three mind-numbing presentations today. No worries. Vbukit PRO's Share with Room is the showstopper feature that will have your audience paying serious attention, because they will be able to follow your presentation on their own mobile screens. Those who have downloaded the free Vbukit mobile app can follow along with you. Best of all, you control your audience's viewing experience with your phone, so they can never skip ahead in the presentation until you do. When your presentation is done, the file simply evaporates from all screens in the room.

Printing? It's as easy as saying, "Select. Scan. Print." Have you ever been at a client's office with a file on your mobile device that you needed to print? Before now, you would have had to give them the file, login to email through their browser, or get on their network to print. Say goodbye to those days. Use Vbukit PRO's Print feature to securely and privately print your file on nearly anyone's printer.

Vbukit is the flagship product of Creating Revolutions, a company dedicated to developing revolutionary mobile technology. We created Vbukit so you can instantly and anonymously show or give your digital stuff to anyone around you without them having to install, login, or plug in anything. Vbukit is based on our patent-pending virtual bucket platform. It is designed to anonymously and securely share files (photos, docs, presentations, and more) from your phone with practically any Internet-connected screen nearby, regardless of OS.

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