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According to market research conducted by Shamraco Construction, real estate markets in U.S. and Europe are going through difficult times while others grow.

Meanwhile, the most astute investors are starting to pay attention to countries in other continents. No wonder that now Latin America gained considerable interest in the real estate market. Brazilian economic growth drew this country to one of the leading position among the world powers. But since then, analysts no longer consider it to be an emerging market. Developers, fund managers, agents and private investors - all of them have already discovered the opportunities for investment in Brazil. The speed of rising prices is not the same anymore.

However, investors should not look away too far to see new promising areas for investments, especially when it goes about real estate investing and property management. Neighboring Argentina and Brazil is now ranked as one of the most rapidly developing countries. Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela also show great performance on the market.

Between Brazil and Argentina there is a much smaller country called Uruguay. According to the latest data collected by Shamraco Construction Limited researchers, every year the country attracts about 2.3 million tourists, nearly half of them comes to the resort of Punta del Este. Most of the visitors are from Argentina, although the number of ones Brazil is increasing. Europeans also start getting interested in the country.

Eco-tourism development includes measures to protect wildlife and natural resources of Uruguay along with a profit. That turns the country into a Latin American paradise and a perfect spot for resort-oriented investments. Golf fields are also a great opportunity to invest in: there are three golf courses with 18 holes each in Punta del Este. Although the purchase of resort houses and villas in Uruguay is still a novelty, the procedure set by the government gives it enough growth to attract more funds from non-residents. Foreigners have the same rights as citizens, including access to financial resources, which makes this country a perfect place to stay even after vacation is over.

In Uruguay there are no restrictions concerning import and export of the capital. Most of the agents charge a commission for their services at a rate of 3% of the purchase price. No wonder Shamraco Construction Limited is willing to help its investors discover a perfect place for making capital grow and, occasionally, having a nice rest.

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