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Set Up VPN On iPhone 5

Information for the readers on how to set up a VPN on iPhone 5.

Recently, Apple released iPhone 5 which is amongst the best creations by apple and an improvement from iPhone 4s, its predecessor. iPhone 5 is the latest fad amongst phone enthusiasts because of its looks and advance features. The gadget is a dream to have especially when it comes to using the Internet. Owing to the latest wireless technologies, iPhone 5 enables the users to browse, download, and stream content at highly remarkable speeds.

It is always better to secure the internet connection and considering this, VPN Authority offers premium quality and speedy VPN connections that provide a layer of security to protect the data from hackers and eavesdroppers. In simple terms, VPN is a service that encrypts all the data that is transmitted and makes it inaccessible, undetectable, and unreadable by the prying eyeballs.

Setting up VPN Authority on iPhone 5 is easy and it would hardly take a minute. Just choose Settings, go to General, click on Network, turn the VPN on, and then select 'Add VPN Configuration'. Now select "PPTP" and enter "VPN Authority" as a "Description", VPN server address as a "Server", and User Name (email id) as "Account". Keep "RSA SecureID" off, enter password, keep "Encryption Level" auto, and enable the "Send All Traffic" option. Save the setting by clicking on the save button on the top right corner. By doing this, VPN settings will be configured and saved. Just switch on the "VPN" to establish a VPN connection on iPhone 5 while using the internet.

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