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Set in Stone York Supply Bathroom Worktops in London

Set in Stone York, a leading supplier and installer of stoneware worktops are supplying worktops in the London area.

Set in Stone York have been supplying and installing stoneware worktops for over ten years. This family run business have become leaders in their industry with their high quality products, affordable prices, and attention to detail installations and superior customer service.

The company have been growing exponentially over the years and are now supplying worktops in the London areas. Set in Stone York offer a wide selection of quality worktops from granite and quartz to marble.

A spokesman from Set in Stone York advised that their affordable one day installation service has increased in popularity. "Our service offers a convenience that cannot be beaten. We will install the worktops in one day, leaving the customer with fully installed worktops within only a few hours of arrival."

Set in Stone York have become a household name throughout the UK with homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens and bathrooms. With the selection of worktops supplied, Set in Stone York can meet the requirements of their customers with ease in terms of materials and colour choices.

Recently the company introduced the Samsung Radianz quartz worktop collection to their portfolio. Set in Stone York are constantly adding new products to their portfolio, offering their customers a wider selection.

The company is very particular about the products they supply and install and each product is chosen based on quality, price an durability. The company is also the only on-site approved installer for Compac and Caesarstone worktops.

According to Set in Stone York the enquiries from the London area has increased exponentially over the past year. The company is handling more enquiries and orders from this area than in the past and are excited with the prospect of working in the London area.

London customers are looking for high quality, superior customer service and a perfect installation, which is why they are turning to the industry leader. Set in Stone York are excited as they start another successful year in business. They believe that 2014 is going to be the year they break all previous sales records and continue to grow as they have done for the past ten years.

The company is looking at adding some new ranges to their portfolio throughout the year and are in the process of testing and checking the products before making them available to their customers, ensuring any products they supply will exceed their customer's expectations.

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