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SEO Training Kolkata
Harish Chandra Dutta Road, Panihati, Sodepur,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
098 04 457170

Our SEO and PHP courses are completely designed to prepare students for IT industry.

Professional SEO course

Introduction to website structure and HTML, CSS, Javascript
Understanding Static and Dynamic websites and their pros and cons.

Competition Research and analysis
1. On page SEO
a> HTML structure analysis and optimization
b> Title, Description, Keyword Meta tags, Alt (image) tags optimization
c> Search Engine friendly link building and formatting
2. Off page SEO
a> Link Building
b> Website Submission to search Engines
c> Article Writing and Submission
d> Bookmarking websites
e> Citation
3. Google webmaster using
4. Google analytics using
5. Google Keyword tool Using
6. Bing webmaster using
7. Youtube video creation and optimization
8. Robots.txt file creation
9. Sitemap.xml and sitemap.html file creation.
10. RSS creation

Introduction to different SMO procedures and possibilities.

Professional & Advanced php course

1. What is Internet and the world wide web?

2. Introduction to websites

3. Introduction to basic web designing and HTML/CSS

a> Basic HTML Tags with practical

b> HTML Table

c> HTML Div

d> Basic CSS Ideas with examples

e> Introduction to javascript

f> Basic Concept and use of javascript

g> Program with Registration form with javascript validation


i> Form validation with JQuery

4. Introduction to Domain Names ( and Web hosting (Server space)

5. XAMPP installation and MySQL database operations

6. Javascript coding

7. Introduction to php / MySQL / web 2.0

8. Form handling using php

9. Variables and Expressions in php

10. Conditional Tests and Events in php

11. php loop control for loop, while loop, do-while loop

12. php Flow Control

13. php Configuration

14. php Functions

15. Storing Data in Arrays using php

16. String Manipulation in php

17. Handling Databases with php

18. Insert query using php and MySQL

19. Select query using php and MySQL

20. Update query using php and MySQL

21. Delete query using php and MySQL

22. Sessions and Cookies in php

23. php coding standard and required php security

a> SQL Injection and php security

b> CSRF Attackes and php security

c> XSS Attacks and php security

d> Session Hijacking and php security

24. php ini file configuration

25. Handling Email with php

26. php project deployment on server

27. Handling LIVE php CPanel.

28. .HTACCESS handling and URL formatting

29. Installing Third Party Addons/Apps/Plugins to php projects

AJAX course (Complimentary Course with php training in Kolkata)

1. Introduction to AJAX development

2. Understanding AJAX

3. Why use AJAX & when to use AJAX

4. AJAX with Javascript and JQuery

5. DOM Concept

6. Insert data to database on the fly

7. Select data from database on the fly

8. Update data from database on the fly

9. Delete data from database on the fly

10. Single and multiple form data upload on the fly

11. Facebook Like, Twitter Follow button coding using AJAX


Total Duration 2.5 months
Weekend batches are available
Contact 9804457170 / 8013271876 / 9874026382 for more detail on SEO Training and PHP courses.


SEO Training Kolkata
Harish Chandra Dutta Road, Panihati, Sodepur,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
098 04 457170

08013271876 / 09874026382

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