Sensoplex Unveils New Low Power Platform With Activity Recognition For Next Generation Fitness,Health, and Sports Wearables

The SP-3210 is the first-ever 32-bit platform with InvenSense powered 9-axis motion, Bluetooth Low Energy and large storage capacity for tracking running, walking, biking, resting and sleeping, as well as sensing heart rate, blood oxygen & UV.

Sensoplex, the leading provider of low power wireless sensor platforms, today announces its next generation ultra low-power platform family. The SP-3210 provides the best range, accuracy and capability of any 32 bit sensing platform by combining Bluetooth Low Energy with InvenSense's latest generation ultra-low power 9-axis motion and 6-axis motion SoC devices. In addition, Sensoplex offers partial or full customization of the Platform for specific customers, provides regulatory certifications, as well as partial or full manufacturing of the end product. This substantially reduces development cost and time, as well as risks, for our customers.

With its SP-10 and SP-3210 platforms, Sensoplex provides companies and developers looking to build fitness, health, and sports wearables with a powerful choice of cost effective hardware and software solutions that dramatically accelerate product development and time to market.

The SP-3210 platform brings together best-in-class hardware with software, incorporating an activity recognition software library with automatic detection of activities, including: running, walking, biking, resting and sleeping. In addition, the new platform modular architecture offers a path to add new sensors such as heart rate, oxygen, UV, etc.. The SP-3210 family comes with up to 32MB of flash memory for storing activity and environmental data. Products based on the SP-3210 will offer exceptional performance and accuracy at unprecedented competitive cost. The platform provides the basis for products such as advanced activity monitors, action & extreme sports monitors, wellness devices, assisted living devices for seniors, physical rehabilitation, and so much more.

Sensoplex's SP-3210 family includes the following key components:

• 3-Axis Gyroscope
• 3-Axis Accelerometer
• 3-Axis Compass
• Pressure Sensor
• Temperature Sensor
• 32-bit ARM Microprocessor
• Up to 32 MB of Flash memory

The following is a list of additional sensors that will be enabled via a modular option:
• Heart rate monitor
• Oxygen
• UV
• Skin conductance
• Brain wave

"The wearable industry is entering an explosive growth phase and the winners will be companies that are fast and push the limits of innovation. Our passion is to create tools and platforms such as the SP-3210 that turbocharge our customers' ability to bring the greatest products to the market," said Hamid Farzaneh, Sensoplex Founder and CEO.

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Sensoplex is a Silicon Valley company that provides expert professional services for the definition, development and production of sensing, computing and wireless wearables.

Our vision is to empower highly competent and passionate people to build innovative wearables in their area of specialization.

Our evaluation and development kits enable customers to rapidly test their ideas and applications in their market.

Our proven flexible platforms can be rapidly customized and help reduce products time-to-market by as much 50%.

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