Sense Cart - An App To Shop From Shop To Shop

Going shopping from shop to shop? Missing out on deals when doing shopping? Going on a tour or visiting another country and doing shopping? Then you will need the Sense Cart app. Just capture, compare and save money.

JAV Tech NZ Ltd recently released the Sense Cart app for iPhone and iPod Touch that assist users in their shopping. Just capture, compare and save money.

You can capture photos or video of a product, and enter details such as product name, price, shop address, and notes. You can also capture photo or video of the shop to remember the location to revisit the shop - especially handy if you are in a new area. You can compare the product details and prices at your leisure and visit the shop that offered the best deal.

Director of JAV Tech, Anandakumar Varatharajah, said "Sense Cart is a New Zealand innovation that provides real benefit when you are doing shopping at shops or malls and especially very useful if you are visiting a new place and doing shopping. Many times we see a product and want to check the prices at other shops before making a decision. After we check at few shops we forget which shop offered what price. Sense Cart helps you to capture the details, compare the price and make a sensible buying decision."

Point of Purchase Advertising International states "76 per cent of shopping decisions are made in- store". Sense Cart is an app that will assist you in your buying decision in physical store shopping.

Sense Cart Google app coming soon.

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