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Senior Sheltie Sets Paws in France

Chula, a senior Sheltie featured in the book Dog Trots Globe - To Paris & Provence, arrived in Paris today ready for her third jaunt through France.

Chula Wula D'Augue, a Sheltie by birth and a Frenchie by choice, landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport today after an 11-hour flight on Air France from San Francisco. The flight was exactly as long as Chula is old (11 x 7 = 77 dog years and senior status). Chula, the author of Dog Trots Globe , packed light with only a fur coat and four white socks (no shoes). She plans a 2-month adventure mostly in Provence on this, her third visit to France.

Francophiles and dog lovers alike can follow Chula's adventures by signing up to receive her Poochcards from Provence via email twice a week from September 23 through Halloween.

The fun begins after a 3-hour trip on the bullet train when Chula settles into Saint-Remy-de-Provence for the Fêtes Votives. This annual event begins with the swimming of the bulls across a lake on the edge of town. She'll be at the lake, but like most Shelties she won't put her paws in the water. Besides there are bulls there.

Later in the afternoon, she'll attend the Defile des Vieux Metiers, a parade around the ring road of Saint-Remy in which participants dress as their ancestors and portray old Provençal occupations.

As the festive week progresses, Chula will see bulls parade around town as well, watch the boules players in a big tournament, cover her tender ears during the fireworks, and do her share of dining and dancing. She'll go to a bullfight, too, but only because the ones in the South of France are kinder to the bulls. The bullfighters win by grabbing a ribbon strung between the horns of the bull, and the bulls walk out of the bullring, too.

After this first big week in Saint-Remy, Chula plans to sniff all around Provence. She'll visit the big outdoor markets, the boulangeries and butcher shops along village streets, and the fishing boats on the Mediterranean coast. She has written about her explorations in Sniffing Around Provence, available as a free gift from Chula for those liking her Facebook page .

Her full-length, paw-tographed book Dog Trots Globe covers her adventures in Paris and Provence, including an encounter with 3,000 sheep. When asked what's she working on next, Chula responded, "Dinner." But perhaps she will be inspired again by the Fêtes Votives in Saint-Remy when she will meet her first bull.

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