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Senior Monitoring GPS Bracelet Upgrade

GPS Tracker Shop Will Offer All Senior Monitoring Bracelets Waterproofed Beginning In December

The senior GPS tracking bracelets offered through the GPS Tracker Shop online store have been one the companies' most popular and successful personal tracking solutions. This is because the senior GPS tracking bracelets give any family or healthcare facility the ability to watch over elderly persons impacted with memory related-illness. With the assistance of the senior GPS tracking bracelet, users can have real-time access to the location of a senior loved one 24/7. Although the senior tracking system has already exceeded many of the expectations of users, GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that starting in December the tracking device designed for personal safety will now be waterproof!

"We are very excited to let consumers know that the New S-911 Bracelet Locator ST will be in our office and ready to distribute by the first week of December", stated a rep for GPS Tracker Shop. "The upgrades to the new GPS bracelet include AGPS, upgraded GSM/GPS antennas, V4, and both BL's ST or CE will now be IP-67 waterproof!! The GPS bracelet now that it is waterproofed changes everything, for HC vertical no more issues with showering, or even baths, as IP-67 waterproof certification is good for one meter of depth for up to 30 min. It will also enable us to use the device to heavily compete in the law enforcement vertical market."

The new senior GPS systems will continue to hold all of the same features of the previous water-resistant devices, but the new LocationNow web-based platform will provide a more user-friendly experience.

Standard senior GPS bracelets will continue to have a retail price of $339.00 per device, while the security version designed with a locking mechanism will be offered at the $359.00 price per device.

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