Strategic Clean Technology Inc extends market offering with the addition of the Synapsense industry leading data center monitoring system.

Ottawa, Canada - March 2010 - - Strategic Clean Technology Inc (SCTi), a global provider of data center optimization solutions that maximize performance while significantly reducing overall operational costs announced today it has become a distributor for SynapSense Corporation, a leading provider of wireless instrumentation solutions.

SynapSense's industry-leading Data Center Monitoring and Energy Management solution provides data center operators with unprecedented levels of visibility, resiliency and energy optimization. The solution is being used as a real- time tool to improve air flow, increase temperatures, shut down excess air handling units and optimize power and real estate.

SCTi looks at the entire ecosystem of the data center to understand how each subsystem impacts overall performance and operational efficiency. "Our objective is to give data center managers access to timely information that enables them to make decisions on the day to day and strategic operation of their centers" stated Arnold Murphy, CEO of SCTi, "The Synapsense product provides data center managers with an array of information that enables them to make the right decisions."

"SynapSense's industry-leading Data Center Monitoring and Energy Management solution has become a critical data center tool enabling optimization of power, infrastructure and real estate footprint, and we're pleased to establish a relationship with SCTi," said Chief Executive Officer Peter Van Deventer.

Data center environments have changed significantly in the past few years with the deployment of high density, high heat-generating servers and the application of virtualization. Traditional approaches to cooling and air delivery are no longer adequate to ensure proper operation of critical equipment. Combined with rising energy costs, data center managers are being pressured to do more with less. Controlling environmental conditions is a major step to managing energy costs and smooth operation of equipment.

SynapSense Data Center Monitoring and Energy Management solutions have been deployed in data centers operated by Fortune 500 companies from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. SynapSense has recently been recognized as a Gold Medal winner in the 2009 Product of the Year Awards and part of the Global Clean Tech 100 by the UK Guardian and Clean Tech groups. Additionally, Business Week and market researcher, YouNoodle, named the company one of the top 50 technology start-ups readers should follow.

About SCTi
SCTi is a global provider of data center optimization solutions that maximize performance while drastically reducing overall operational costs. By taking a holistic approach to solving complex data center problems along with best practices that look at each subsystem of the data center, SCTI provides smart solutions that achieve optimal results, minimize capital expense while reducing energy costs up to 45%.Visit for further information

About SynapSense
SynapSense is a leading wireless instrumentation solution provider based in Folsom, Calif. SynapSense offers the most advanced wireless instrumentation platform, delivering unparalleled visibility, resiliency and energy efficiency in the world's leading data centers. For more information, visit