Scott Lagasse Jr and Hybrid Light Prepare for Upcoming Race in Kansas

HybridLight and BSA are proud to announce they will be participating in the race.

Driver Scott Lagasse Jr. is preparing for his upcoming race in Kansas. His race in Kentucky abruptly changed course when a defective tire blew causing him to hit the side of the track, and place 26 out of 43. At one point in the race Lagasse was staying at around 15th place. He was at least able to finish the race, although portions of the front bumper were missing.

Lagasse stated after the race, "Of course I'm disappointed to have the tire go down as we were moving up through the field, but it's one of those things we can't control. I'm pleased with how our team stayed focused and kept working to make the car better. We learned a lot and will be better at Kansas."

Hybrid Light is very excited about the upcoming race and continue their support of the team. They are doing so by extending their NASCAR Special at hybridlight.com. Learn a little more about their products and how you can become even greener, by supporting Hybrid Products.

Be prepared to see many boy scouts on the 20th to support the SLR Team as they are very excited to have a NASCAR. Show your support by watching the race on ESPN at 3:30 est.

Hybrid Light has created a Facebook Fan page for the team and hopes that everyone can show their support by liking the page. It's an easy way to stay tuned to what's happening with the team and the scout's with weekly updates on the page.

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