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Science Academy Software Implements Text-to-Speech Web App For Chukchansi Indian Language Learning.

Science Academy Software®, an educational publisher announced today an implementation of Reader, a text-to-speech Web application, using part of the Chukchansi Indian language.

The Reader text-to-speech language implementation reads Chukchansi words entered into a text area then speaks those words to the user through their speakers or headphones. The software also displays images for the text based on the contextual meaning of the text and if images are available on the server to assist learners. Users learn the language by seeing the words, hearing the words, and seeing an image that represents the words.

Users can use Reader to read words in phrases, sentences, paragraphs, regardless of textual format (punctuation, carriage returns, line feeds, etc.). Users can use Reader to create phrases and sentences and follow words as they are spoken; they become better readers because they can associate the words with their sound and visuals.

This particular implementation of Reader, uses a limited vocabulary of the Chukchansi language based on words listed in the Fall 2012 issue of Fresno State Magazine, "Chukchansi Indians pledge $1 million to help preserve language", by Kathleen R. Schock, pp 16-17.

Science Academy Software is not affiliated in any way with the Chukchansi Tribe or California State University, Fresno, CA. This implementation provided freely to the Chukchansi people courtesy of Science Academy Software.

Science Academy Software hopes that other American Indian tribes will recognize the value of the software to license it and develop their own language learning Web based utility.

Try it out:

To learn more about Reader text-to-speech software, visit:

Note: You will need a Flash enabled browser.

Please share these URLs with your local school teacher(s).

Science Academy Software is privately held.

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