Schultz Announces the New "Feather" Series Super Light Loupes

24th January 2014, CA: Schultz proudly announces the release of the new "Feather" series super light loupes and headlights. The whole new range of medical surgical loupes and dental loupes offered by Schultz focuses on its feather light weight

Schultz products are already famous for their highly discounted rates on medical surgical loups and highlights. The ability to provide the product directly from the factory to the customers enabled Schultz to offer the great prices for their products. The highly discounted rates of the Schultz products have always been the center of attraction for the customers.

With the arrival of the new range of products it is expected to gain an even better market. These super light loups are perfect for surgeons who need to perform surgeries for longer duration of time. The light weight of these loups and highlights helps them to shake off the stress caused by the earlier heavier loups and highlights.

These medical surgical loupes are also known as surgical telescopes. These are mostly used while performing delicate surgeries in order to enhance the view for the surgeon so that he can get a clear sight when it comes to delicate surgeries. It should be kept in mind in this respect that when it comes to delicate surgeries it is essential for the doctor to get a clear view in order to perform his task with more efficiency.

It is therefore, required to have high quality medical surgical loupes while performing surgeries. This is especially important for the reason that the patient's life may depend on the surgery and therefore, the doctor needs to have a clear sight on what he is doing.

On the other hand there are also the Dental Loupes which are mostly used by the dentists to work with their patients. It should be kept in mind in this respect that the surgeons and dentists using these lenses does not mean that they have blur vision or have problems with their eyesight. In fact these are used in order to provide a clear and enhanced vision for the person using it so that he can perform his task more efficiently. It allows magnification on the particular area of operation enhancing the vision to see even the tiniest elements which improves the precision of the surgeon.

Dentists generally make use of the dental loupes in order to perform dental surgeries. These surgeries are quite critical and there are areas which are impossible to be seen by the naked eye. Therefore the dental loupes magnify the area of operation enabling the dentist to see the area which would otherwise be impossible to reach with the naked eye.

The new range of Schultz "feather" series loupes and highlights have made it even easier for the surgeons and dentists to perform their task even more easily. The fact is that heavier loupes used to cause irritation for the users to feel stressed while working for long hours while the new "Feather" series loupes are believed to be offering more comfort for the user.

Along with the combination great prices and the new "Feather" series loupes it is expected that Schultz is going to capture a bigger share of the market for medical surgical loupes and highlights.

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