School Security Put To The Test

Results of a local news team's security test highlights some alarming weak points in school security.

A recent school security test at six schools in Michigan yielded some frightening results regarding ease of access to the school and our children. The schools tested included two elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools.

The purpose of these tests was to evaluate the level of security of our children while at school. The undercover testers entered each of the six schools simultaneously. They were coached to walk in the front door of each school, past the main office without stopping to sign in or get a visitor pass.

While some schools did a better job of noticing and approaching the "undercover intruder" other testers were allowed to wander for an unsettling amount of time, one even turning himself in to the office administrators after strolling through almost the entire school.

Three testers walked past an empty security guard table and three testers walked through the school halls undetected for at least four minutes.

In one specific instance, the undercover tester was allowed to walk school halls for a full 15 minutes and wasn't stopped until a teacher noticed him strolling in the halls in between class periods.

The results weren't all negative with these school security tests. When the testers attempted to enter through a back or side door each and every one was locked, which forced them to enter through the front door and walk right past the main office.

At three of the six schools tested, the intruder was approached by a staff member in two minutes or less, with one tester confronted by a secretary within 30 seconds of entry in the front door. Another tester was stopped only 50 feet inside the door by a physical education teacher who respectfully but firmly insisted the tester go to the main office to register as a visitor.

For the school district's superintendent, while the results in many cases were disappointing, he believes this was a learning experience and an opportunity to highlight areas of improvement in school security. This will also emphasize to local parents the importance of approving a bond, of which a portion of the funds would be used to implement new security measures as well as improve existing school security policies.

While this particular instance is focused on one school district, the implications affect schools nationwide. One security oversight or five minutes away from your workspace may have potentially tragic and disastrous repercussions.

"At IDville we're very passionate about keeping students safe from the potential dangers of having an open campus and allowing intruders to gain access to school hallways and classrooms and, ultimately, our children," says Dan Rogers, IDville General Manager. "We offer a full line of visitor management solutions to do ensure students are kept safe."

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