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Say No to Coughs and Colds with Inhalators and Vaporisers

Looking for a way to sooth those coughs and colds efficiently, comfortably and quickly? Have you considered a warm mist vaporiser or an inhalator? Read on for our top picks in home inhalers.

We all grew up with the calming effect of having Vicks rubbed on our chests, backs and tummies. It's a childhood memory that every generation can identify with, as Vicks was established way back in 1912. Fast forward to the current day, and Vicks is still leading the way in cold and cough remedies to ease chests and noses, through its innovative product design and new delivery/application methods, including inhalators and vaporisers.

Inhalators for Adults

The Vicks Vaporub Inhalator is a portable personal steam inhaler for those suffering from chesty soughs and colds. This portable and spill proof design is perfect for use when travelling if you are prone to respiratory illnesses due to differing climates and is handily cone shaped to help funnel vapours from the hot water (not boiling) and vaporub. The Vicks Vaporub inhalator is a versatile device and can be used with aromatic oils: just remember to fully read the manufacturers guidelines before use.

Best for Baby: Vicks Warm Mist Vaporiser

Vicks warm mist vaporiser is a great piece of kit to have around the house. Many babies are diagnosed with a respiratory virus by the age of two, mostly due to children of this age only knowing how to breathe through their nose. This can cause a build-up of mucus from dust particles meaning many a runny nose, many a sleepless night, and many uncomfortable babies.

A warm mist vaporiser works by replacing the moisture in the air, especially important in the colder months when the temperature plummets and the air becomes much drier. A warm mist vaporiser is not only good for baby's breathing but is also an excellent way to treat dry, irritated skin.

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