Savesta Herbals Honored With Halal Certification

Savesta Herbals, the foremost herbal extract manufacturer is accorded with Halal India Certification (Whole Plant Scheme) which is applicable for all its herbal extracts manufactured at its Malur Plant near Bangalore, India.

SAVA Private Ltd. (Savesta Herbals) is honored to proclaim the receipt of Halal Certificate for its Herbal Extracts manufacturing facility at Malur near Bangalore, Karnataka. This certification proves that this leading herbal extract manufacturing company encourages and follows a rigorous and stringent process for herbal extraction that is permitted by Islam religion as per the Halal practices. This certification opens up an opportunity for Savesta Herbals in getting an edge in marketing herbal extracts in GCC and other Islamic countries across the globe (About 2 billion people worldwide). This certification will also increase the probability of herbal extracts purchase by leading nutraceutical manufacturers across globe from Savesta Herbals.

Halal India is an independent Halal Certification body approved by the Government of India engaged in dealing with Permitted (Halal) food, cosmetics, research work, drugs, issuing of Hala l Compliance Certifications, monitoring product composition services in accordance with the Shariah Law (Islamic Law) guided by acclaimed Islamic scholars. The company carries out the herbal extraction process in accordance to the Islamic Shariah Law and uses pure ingredients in the process which thereby proves that the product (herbal extract) do not contain any impure substance as guided by Islam.

In the light of this prestigious accreditation, Mr Vinod Jadhav ,the Chairperson of SAVA group states "We are proud that our manufacturing business process at Savesta herbals assimilates with global standards in formulating, designing, scheduling and implementing the entire system ofherbal extracts manufacturing as defined by the latest guidelines of Halal Certification process. In doing so, we have established one of the world's most reknown State of the Art research and manufacturing facility that shall provide long term business magnus to our globally acknowledged business partners.We grow as our business partners grow."

Besides Halal certification, Sava Private Limited, division Savesta Herbals is also endowed with Star K Kosher and USDA Organic certification. This along with shortly appending NSF-GMP Certification and Ethanol license puts this state- of- the- art 50,000 square feet facility herbal manufacturer in distinct league worldover for global extract sourcing. With large production capacity and multiple international accreditations to its credit, Savesta is poised to be India's one of the most preferred partner in herbal extracts manufacturing.

Currently the Malur facility of Savesta Herbals manufactures wide range of Herbal Extracts Products such as:-

1 Amla 45%
2 Amla Pure Organic
3 Andrographis 20%
4 Ashwagandha (1.5% & 5%)
5 Bacopa 60%
6 Boswellia (65% & 85%)
7 Coleus 10% & 20%
8 Curcumin 95%
9 Garcinia cambogia (CA 50 & CA 60)
10 Ginger Extract 20:1
11 Gojimax (40% Polysaccharides)
12 Gotu kola 20% (Centella asiatica)
13 Green coffee beans 50%
14 Gymnema extract 25% Powder
15 Gymnema 25% Granular
16 Gymnema 75%
17 Mucuna pruriens
18 Pomegranate 40%
19 Shatavari 40%
20 Tribulus 60%
21 Triphla 50% Tannins
22 Tulsi 2%
23 Xanomax (G Mangosteen) (10%, 20%, 40% & 95%)

At SAVA our mission is to cater to the global healthcare sector. The Halal India Certification to our herbal plant at Malur proves SAVA's commitment to serve the healthcare segment of Islamic countries with customer delight ,demonstrating our commitment to religious content and beliefs of our Islamic business partners and standing true to our corporate vision and mission. This is a respectful step towards building newer partnership in Islamic countries and expanding our scope of existence across the globe." as expressed by Mr. Sunil Bajaj, Director of Sava Group.

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Savesta Herbals is a part of the renowned SAVA Group, engaged in manufacturing and marketing of finished pharmaceutical products, Veterinary products, Research & Development of Pharmaceutical products across the globe.

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