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Satco Communication Announces VSAT Inexpensive Telephone Calls

Satco Communications, based in Norway, has announced the introduction of a telephony service based on VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) technology.

The VSAT is a small two-way satellite station can be used in both ground-based and maritime applications. It consists of a dish or dome antenna and a transceiver unit with the antenna units measuring between 60 and 120cm when using the Ku band for communication.

The system operates by using satellites that are in geo-synchronous orbit around the earth, meaning that they follow the earth's orbit and point to specific geographic regions. By focusing the communication signal to these areas the signal is stronger and enables a reliable communication service in the satellite's footprint while using smaller antennas. The terminal has very small opening angles (or apertures) that enable them to be pointed with an accuracy of 1 degree for the terminal to send and receive signals.

Land earth stations are used as an active relay to provide a communications layer between the VSAT terminals and satellite and provide the full flexibility of TCP/IP links for communication and telephony services making them a great option for companies with widely dispersed fleets. By using the VSAT technology enterprises can get online satellite service at monthly rates that are a fraction if the costs of other satellite service providers.

One of the major benefits of the VSAT system is that telephony services can be provided using the Internet VOIP standard which means that you can enjoy satellite telephony worldwide at a fraction of the cost user would normally pay for such a service.

"The SES Industry Days underline the leading role that SES is playing in video broadcasting and the development of innovative broadcasting solutions worldwide," said Wilfried Urner, Senior Vice President, Product Development and Management at SES.

Satco Communications provides state-of-the-art, custom communications solutions for a wide array of business needs. They are commitment and focused on the core activity of providing satellite communication services which provides a better result for the end-users. Satco Communications includes consultancy, integration and solution design as part of the service offering as well as having a network of like-minded consultancy firms that provide fast and effective support worldwide.

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