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Santa Barbara Chiropractor Specialist: Dr. Jacob Bastomski

Experience the relief if you've been looking for, using clinically researched, non-surgical, advanced treatment options.

A chiropractor's primary job is to investigate your spine, confirm wherever arrangement with ensuing nerve interference is going on then treat these spinal segments with ones hands or via associate degree instrument to enhance spinal and nerve system perform. Due to my extra years of coaching within the field of neurology, my examination tends to be a lot of through then others that ends up in higher distinctive the underlying reasons of why a patient has difficulties.

It is a privilege to serve people who come to me seeking natural solutions to their health problems. From day one in chiropractic school, I have never looked back and recognize that it is a wonderful profession, one that fits my personality and skills very well.

In addition to treatment care, the follow conjointly offers Santa Barbara rehabilitation treatments and complementary therapies for recovery. Interested people will learn additional concerning these treatments, together with corrective exercises, organic process guidance, life style recommendation and spinal.

Our goal with the web site is to elucidate our approach to whole body eudaimonia and therefore the distinction that non-invasive care actually makes for low back pain, sciatica, whiplash and alternative conditions. We hope the knowledge on the web site can facilitate patients feel assured in their treatment choices.

We offer a free consultation where I will review your health history, x-rays and MRI's (rapidly available on line if taken locally) and discuss your treatment options including time frame and costs.
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Jacob Bastomski, D.C. D.I.B.C.N.
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
Serving Santa Barbara Since 1981
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Jacob Bastomski
State Street Chiropractic - Jacob D Bastomski DC

State Street Chiropractic - Jacob D Bastomski DC
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