Sanghi Overseas (A div. of Sanghi Motors (Bombay) Private Limited)

Sanghi Overseas Has An Established Authority for Providing a Comprehensive Range of Industrial Gas Plants

Sanghi Organization is the Engineering Division of the renowned M. K. Sanghi Group of Companies. The company is associated with the production of different gases like oxygen, acetylene gases and nitrogen.

Initiated in mid 1980's, the engineering division of the reputed M. K. Sanghi Group of Companies came to be known as Sanghi Organization. The company established industrial gas plant to produce oxygen, nitrogen as well as acetylene gases. Located at Taloja near Mumbai in India, the company manufactures oxygen plants that range from the capacities 40 cu.m. per hour to 1000 cu.m/ per hour. The capacity range of the nitrogen plant is between 60 cu.m. per hour to 1000 cu.m. per hour while that of acetylene plant is 45 cu.m. per hour to 200 cu.m. per hour. The capacity range of nitrous oxide plant is between 8 cu.m. per hour to 24 cu.m. per hour. The company is proud to have Mr. Mahendra Kumar Sanghi on board in the capacity of Chairman and Managing Director of the entire Group. His sons, Vaibhav Sanghi as well as Ashwin Sanghi support him to make the company one of the very well-known brands across the world.

Revealing more about the industrial gas plants, the senior spokesperson at Sanghi Overseas Pvt. Ltd. says, "The Company was initiated to offer a comprehensive product line. We began with a limited capacity and expanded it to include other industrial gases as well. At present, our oxygen and nitrogen plants are the medium pressure plants. They consume a limited amount of electricity. In addition to this advantage, the plant can even produce a huge commercial grade of the Nitrogen Gas simultaneously. All this is possible without any type of additional production cost. The other important features of the plant are that it is a versatile liquid oxygen pump with a robust design that has been inspired from one of the popular German manufacturers. The plant can be operated for a long period without much trouble."

Sanghi organization has acetylene plants. These plants conform to the standard IS-8471 (PART-IV) 1977. The company is approved by the reputed Bureau of Indian Standards together with the Dept. of Explosives, Nagpur. Both pressure control as well as MERCOID switches that are fitted to the Acetylene Generator in the production facility are imported from the USA as the original equipment. These salient features make the Sanghi Overseas plant one of the safest and even economically viable plant in their capacities. The organization has its industrial gas plants operating in different countries viz. Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nepal, Iran, Honduras, Abu Dhabi, Kenya, Uganda, Chile, Mauritius, Cyprus, Tanzania, Egypt, Indonesia, Ghana, Argentina, Guatemala, Sharjah, Portugal, Gambia, Romania, Peru, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Syria, Sultanate of Oman, and Nigeria.

The senior spokesperson continues, "The interesting thing is that we procure different spares and components ex-stock through the Taloja Works, a subsidiary of the company. This ensures trouble-free and smooth operation of our huge Plant. We have contemporary research and development center that keeps a tap on international market."

About Sanghi Overseas Private Ltd.
Sanghi Overseas is the division of Sanghi Motors (Bombay) Private Limited. The company is renowned in the international circuits for a range of industrial gas plants that are of the highest order in quality.

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About Sanghi Overseas (A div. of Sanghi Motors (Bombay) Private Limited)

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Sanghi Overseas
Sanghi Overseas (A div. of Sanghi Motors (Bombay) Private Limited)

Sanghi Overseas (A div. of Sanghi Motors (Bombay) Private Limited)
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