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Sangam University Bhilwara Rajasthan Expert Talk on Corporate Governance

Fundamental objective of corporate governance is "enhancement of the long-term shareholder value while at the same time protecting the interests of other stakeholders." as per SEBI (Kumar Mangalam Birla) Committee Report January 2000.

Sangam University Bhilwara has a rich tradition of involving practicing professionals from various walks of life to give talks on various topics on a regular basis. On 9 Apr 2014, a talk on Corporate Governance was organized for the BBA MBA students by Multi Talented Colorful Personality and alumnus of National Law School of India University - NLSIU Bangalore Mr K Shankar who is a Film Legal Advisor, Script Advisor, Actor, Advocate, Attorney at Law, Management Consultant, Corporate Trainer and many more.

When Prof BR Natarajan President - Vice Chancellor Sangam University introduced Mr K Shankar to the audience, he was welcomed with a thunderous applause. The highlights of the talk included Evolution of Governance from Chanakya's Arthasastra and its extension to Corporates; interpretation of Corporate Governance as per Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations & OECD and Central Vigilance Commissioner - CVC October 2007; Gandhian thoughts on Corporate Governance; need, roots and approaches for corporate governance; stakeholders involved in corporate governance; and Shell Triple Bottom-line theory.

Mr Shankar also discussed salient features of Cadbury committee December 1992 report; Greenbury Committee July 1995 report; Hampel Committee January 1998 report; SEBI code 2000; Sarbanes Oxley Report 2002; Naresh Chandra Committee 2002 Report, Narayanamurthy Committee Report 2003; Clause 49 Corporate Governance on Board of Directors, Audit Committee, Remuneration of Directors, Board Procedures; analysis of Satyam fraud as well as loopholes in Clause 49.

The talk was followed by a question answer session after which Prof Natarajan gave vote of thanks and presented a memento on behalf of the university to Mr Shankar.

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