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Sanam A New Game Waiting To Be Funded On Indiegogo

Sanam is a side scrolling platform action adventure game, developed independently by 'Team Food Fighter'; a group of 4 Game Developers and Artists from the Middle East, putting their best on Sanam !

Team FoodFighter
By Ibrahim Yasir
Amman, Jordan - For the people who love Retro games and indie games: prepare to add another title to your "MUST PLAY" list.

In this side-scrolling platformer, Sanam, you are going to be a radish monk slicing and dicing through the fallen gods and their minions, as a payback for interrupting you in your journey for inner peace. Single player not your thing? Well then you'll be the one denying inner peace in a Player vs. Player game mode.

Team FoodFighter is the team behind Sanam a group of four Artists and Game-Developers from Jordan. The game is currently on indiegogo waiting to be fully funded by the gamers or the people who know this product will be a good hit to invest in.

Link to Sanam's Campaign:

Sanam will be released in October 2014 on PC/MAC, if it reaches its goal on indiegogo.

Sanam will have two modes:

1. Single Player

Story Mode: Will give the player the option to choose his class; each class will have its own beginning and build-up.

Challenge Mode: Will give the player the pleasure to choose his class and complete certain challenges without the story line, slice'em and dice'em style.

2. Multiplayer
Co-Op: Two players will be helping each other to finish the story line and finish the hard achievements that can only be done in Co-Op mode.
Versus Mode: Two Players will be playing against each other; this is going to be the fun part. One player will choose the good side, 'The Heroes'. The other will be on the bad side, "NPCs Non Player Characters"

Stay tuned for the latest news on Sanam!

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