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San Diego Customers Get Beautifully Bronzed Safely at Naked Tan Tanning Salons

A San Diego-based service, Naked Tan Tanning Salons allows customers to shine in even, flawless golden skin tone with top-rated and fully equipped tanning services.

While tanning is widely popular among people who want to look like they have just been out on a grand vacation to the Caribbean, this beauty technique has been getting flak for reportedly offering ill effects. From minor skin problems to the dreaded cancer, studies have suggested tanning can be very risky.

In San Diego, California, customers are becoming more confident about undergoing tanning procedure; thanks to Naked Tan Tanning Salons. The leading California tanning specialist is fully equipped with tanning beds offering controlled and more balanced UVA exposure, without compromising efficacy.

For the tanning experts behind Naked Tan Tanning Salons, safety is top priority. To ensure this, the company is fully equipped with the latest state of the art indoor tanning systems. Customers can choose from the relaxing 20-minute beds, the quick bronzing 12-minute beds, and sunless tanning beds. This way, tanning enthusiasts are able to control their time exposure, and safely manipulate otherwise harmful UV rays.

For people seeking instant tan with zero exposure to UV light, sunless tanning is the way to go. In four to six hours, San Diego customers will experience an even application of golden tan that will keep them looking bronzed for up to seven days.

Naked Tan Tanning Salons also offers customers more options, with special facial tanners and shoulder tanners which all come with amenities such as music, cooling fans, aromatherapy and even air-conditioning. Naked Tan clients will enjoy their relaxing me-time, while leaving their skin luminous and hydrated without compromising their health in any way.

To delight San Diego customers even more, Naked Tan Tanning Salons runs the membership promo for more affordable tanning sessions.

To find out more about safe tanning systems at Naked Tan Tanning Salons, please visit http://www.nakedtansandiego.com/san-diego-spray-tan for information.

Naked Tan Tanning Salons
1225 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 386-7222

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