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San Diego Christian College Partners with American Eagle Airlines

San Diego Christian (SDC) announces an agreement with American Eagle Airlines (AEA) that will allow SDC aviation students a direct pathway to a career with commercial airlines. AEA will hire SDC's graduates who meet GPA and flight skill requirements.

A recent agreement with AEA provides SDC Aviation graduates a direct pathway to an airline career through a pipeline program. After flying two years with AEA, pipeline pilots get a guaranteed interview with parent company, American Airlines.

"The program helps ensure we have the airline-qualified pilots we need for the future and eases the transition from college to the airline for program participants," said Captain Nicholas Brice, who negotiated the deal for Eagle's pilot recruitment. "Participation by schools like San Diego Christian is a win-win for both us and graduates looking for careers as commercial pilots."

Upon graduation, pipeline pilots would be paid to flight-instruct SDC students until they reach the 1000 flight hour minimum for employment as a first officer with AEA.

SDC graduates can also qualify for the restricted Airline Transport Pilot rating to fly jets for American Eagle with only 1,000 total flight hours. Non-college applicants or pilots from non-LOA schools will continue to require 1500 flight hours. The FAA's restricted ATP rating is a response to Public Law 111-216, effective last year, requiring all airline pilots to have the ATP rating.

Pipeline participants will receive boarding pass privileges, health benefits, and a $10,000 scholarship upon completion of the program from AEA.

"For the first time since I've been the Director of Aviation at SDC, there is a light at the end of the financial tunnel for aviation students and their parents to see that the enormous investment in a college aviation education is worth the cost."

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