Sammy Rabbit Shares Money Secret with Kids at Walter Reed Army Medical Center - Saving is a Great

Sammy Rabbit makes lunch time appearance at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to promote saving money and financial literacy.

Kids author Sam X Renick and his lovable main character, Sammy Rabbit made a lunch time appearance yesterday at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where they shared a story, song, and skits with students that encouraged them to get in the habit of saving money. The appearance was a part of a Department of Defense (DoD) Financial Roadshow that takes money experts to military bases around the nation to improve military families financial readiness and knowledge. The day's events were highlighted by a keynote talk from Suze Orman.

"Basically we have taken core money messages that financial experts like Suze Orman and others recommend like save money regularly and spend smartly and translated them into kid friendly language," said Renick, who is now in his eighth year of delivering and designing financial education programs for families. "The idea is to introduce children to financial concepts as early as possible so they can use them throughout their lives and make better financial choices. I will never forget an elementary school principal sharing with me when we first started, that if we can explain the ideas, even the youngest kids will get them. She said kids minds are like sponges and that as adults we often underestimate their ability to comprehend certain types of information."

In August 2001, Renick founded the It's a Habit Company, a Los Angeles micro enterprise dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and trainers teach and empower kids to develop smart money habits. With help from illustrator Juan Alvarado, graphic designer, Carlos Rodriguez, and mortgage advisor, Alonso Silva, Jr., Renick created Sammy Rabbit, a bunny who loves to save money and carrots. Sammy Rabbit is the company's primary delivery vehicle for messages like "saving is a great habit," "from every dollar save a dime," and "don't spend more than you make."

Since the company's inception, Renick and Sammy Rabbit have visited 7 countries and 30 states, reading, singing, and delivering financial literacy skits to over 250,000 students. The dynamic pair are next headed to Misawa and Kadena Air Force Bases in Japan, as a part of an Air Force Aid Society financial education outreach program.


About Sam X Renick and It's a Habit! (IAHC)
It's a Habit! Company Inc. (IAHC) was co-created in 1998 by Sam X Renick in an effort to promote and encourage financial literacy in children. The Los Angeles micro-enterprise is dedicated to teaching financial literacy and other empowering life skills and habits, with a primary focus on young children and their families.

Renick, a former financial adviser turned award wining author, songwriter and social entrepreneur, was first struck with the idea when numerous clients expressed their disappointment at not learning financial prowess at an earlier age. After repeatedly hearing the same lamentations from his clients, Renick began writing It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! with assistance from his Financial and Insurance Services partner Alonso Silva Jr. Sam and Alonso later teamed up with illustrator Juan Alvarado and former Disney graphic designer, Carlos Rodriguez to form IAHC.

A graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Business, Renick has partnered with the Air Force Aid Society to bring financial awareness and saving strategies to the forefront of children's minds. He spent the previous twelve years working for TRW and SAIC in subcontract and project management, where he became intimately familiar with the design and development process. As a result of immediately practicing the "from every dollar save a dime" philosophy, Sam was able to change careers twice, first in 1993 to start his own financial and insurance consulting firm, and later to form IAHC in 1998.

The mission of IAHC is to globally provide children, families, and organizations with strategic tools that encourage the multiplication of good habits, especially saving money. Along with original songs and coloring books, IAHC uses mascot Sammy Rabbit to instill in young children the importance of financial know-how.

About Sammy Rabbit
Sammy 'the get in the habit' Rabbit is a friend, families love and learn with. Through his story book adventures, songs, sayings, and skits at live appearances, Sammy inspires kids, trainers, and educators of all ages, but particularly kids ages 4 to 8, to start positive habits like saving money, reading, writing; to become leaders of themselves; and to make BIG DREAMS come true for themselves and their families. Two of Sammy's favorite strategic sayings are: Saving is a great habit! From every dollar, save a dime!

Key IAHC / Sammy Highlights
Ongoing:8 Years Touring, 6 Countries, 30 States, Reading, Singing, Dancing, Conducting Interactive Skits to 250,000+ Students, Parents, Educators, Etc.
Ongoing:Key Partner Air Force Aid Society Financial Education Outreach Initiative
Ongoing: Partner DoD Financial Road Shows
Ongoing: Featured Military Saves Website
Various:Featured Business Week Online; Kiplinger's, Motley Fool, etc.
Sep 09: University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Educator Receives National Award for Use of Sammy Program, Products
Apr 09: Inducted onto Loyola Marymount University Entrepreneurs Wall of Honor
Sep 08: Institute of Financial Literacy Children's Book of the Year Award
May 08: University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Evaluation Reflects Student and Teacher Improvement from Sammy Program, Products
Oct 07: California Jumpstart Coalition Leadership Award Winner
Jul 07: Texas Teens Win National Gold Medal Using Sammy Books, Music
Jul 06: Received Highest Rating, "5 Doves," from Dove Family Foundation for Mission 1: Celebrate Saving! Music CD
Oct 05: Launched the nation's first "Rock, Read, and Save for College" Tour
Nov 04: Richard Myles Johnson Beacon Award Nominee
Apr 02: National Jumpstart Coalition Soaring Star Nominee
Apr 01: Los Angeles Proclaims It's a Habit, Savings Day


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