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Salma Hayek Busted For Smoking While Breast Feeding.. Are Newborns At Risk From Mothers Smoking?

Salma Hayek has raised some eyebrows when she was caught smoking a cigarette while pushing her daughters stroller. Salma Hayek tried to quit smoking in the past to improve her public image but it seems her positive role model image is in jeopardy.

Salma Hayek is yet another celebrity smoker who has been caught smoking in public but this time has caused some controversy because of the fact that she was smoking a cigarette right next to her daughter Valentina who was sitting in her baby stroller.

Hayek, who has tried to quit smoking in the past, said she was done with smoking and wanted to quit because she wanted to be a positive role model for other expecting mothers. News of her smoking is a shock but it is causing more concern because she was smoking around her daughter.

Second hand smoke has been labeled as a class A carcinogen, which is why her fans are outraged. Many are worried that if Salma Hayek is still breast feeding her one year old daughter, Hayek's smoking habit may be doing more damage to her daughters health as well.

The director of public relations for Solar Cigarette has contacted Salma Hayek in an attempt to help her quit her smoking habit for good by introducing their new smokeless cigarettes, which give smokers a safer alternative to smoking by the use of water vapor technology rather than burning of tobacco to cure their nicotine cravings.

This is not the first celebrity to use Solar Cigarette for the unique benefits of these smokeless cigarettes. Not only does the smokeless cigarette help them quit, but also celebrities are using them for weight loss.

This is a huge benefit for smokers, especially for Hayek, because now she can get the same sensation of smoking without passing down second hand smoke to her daughter Valentina.

Read the Story Below on Why Salma Hayek Is Causing Controversy For Smoking Around Her Daughter=======

"American actress Salma Hayek has been exposed as one of the many secret smokers who are trying to hide their habits. Hayek, 42, was spotted puffing away on American Spirits this weekend in Beverly Hills, outside Neiman Marcus, as her mother and one-year-old daughter Valentina waited."

"The actress revealed to Marie Claire last year that she had gotten hooked on cigarettes while filming Frida, and that she had quit last April. Its the s-iest vice you could possibly pick, the New York Daily News quoted her as saying."

"Ive tried to quit before. But this time I"m done with it. I"ve changed, she said. Experts were questioned as to why celebrities tried to hide their habit, and Antonia Russo, a Manhattan image consultant who specializes in advising performing artists, said that it was to do with being a role model."

Read the full report at: Salma Hayek Caught In The Act Of Smoking With Valentina Nearby


The head of Solar Cigarette has put together a 14 day trial package for smokers who want a safer smoking experience without to negative side effects of second hand smoke. With the addition of these smokeless cigarettes, smokers can now cure their nicotine cravings without the fear of gaining weight.

The 2nd generation electronic smokeless cigarettes are now available to the public who would like improve their way of life without having to be tied down to tobacco cigarettes and the expensive taxes and fines just to smoke them.

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