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Sales Education Foundation Publishes 2014 Top Sales Programs Listing

University Sales Programs are recognized for preparing and placing top talent in professional selling roles

The Sales Education Foundation published their 2014 ANNUAL magazine on the SEF website ( this week. This yearly effort features the highly anticipated "Top Universities for Professional Sales Education" listing.

While college graduates struggle with an average employment rate of around 50%, university sales programs report their rate of employment for graduates at over 90%. It's understandable why so many hiring managers, recruiters and top sales organizations partner with these exceptional programs and their students. SEF reports that in 2007, less than 30 programs were recognized by their universities, but in 2014, that number has grown to nearly 100, evidence of the success these programs are having with educating the next generation of highly trained sales professionals.

Sally Stevens, Executive Director of the SEF, when asked about the significant growth of university sales programs says, "This past year has seen great strides in expanding the breadth of university level sales education. With 16 newly recognized programs and 24 universities now offering sales-focused Ph.D. and D.B.A. programs, the future growth of sales education is assured. These programs will continue to prepare sales educators for tomorrow."

Pursuing a sales degree can afford the student a great ROI on their educational investment. Average starting salaries for sales representatives average over $56,000 and sales graduates surveyed report their career satisfaction at over 77%. It is also reported that over 61% of today's sales force has at least a college degree.

For information on partnerships and support opportunities, or to learn more about the growing sales education space, contact the Sales Education Foundation at 800-776-4436 or visit


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