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Sales Education Foundation Hosts Sixth Annual Faculty Event

Faculty certification provides tools for aligning university graduates with sales roles

The Sales Education Foundation (SEF) held their sixth annual Faculty Certification Program in Dayton, OH, providing sales professors with tools for placing graduates into the right sales roles. Previous participants report an average of 90% job placement for their graduates; almost double that of the overall graduating population.

Representatives from schools such as Auburn University, Duquesne University, Ferris State University, Douglas College and Metropolitan State University of Denver attended the program, joining the ranks of over 50 schools that have provided students with the job selection tools. One participant said, "This (assessment) will clearly give students a better grasp of the differences in sales positions. Plus, it gives them a competitive advantage when they pursue internships and fulltime positions."

Through a partnership with Chally Group Worldwide, SEF provides university sales students with access to individual assessment results, highlighting the best fit for the student. Resources for incorporating the tool into sales curriculum is provided to faculty at these programs at no additional charge to the university. Those incorporating the tool into the curriculum report 90% average job placement, compared to an average of 50% for all US college graduates.

Seventy-five universities were recognized by SEF in 2013 for their preparation of top candidates and attention to relevant sales research. Those schools, along with others building programs, are invited to participate in the Career Development Program.

For information on programs, research grants, partnership and support opportunities, or the growing sales education space, contact the Sales Education Foundation at 800.776.4436 or visit .

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