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Saleh Al Aroud Is Determined To Improve The Customers Experience

It has been announced by the company's top-management that a significant investment will be made to improve the food and beverages quality for the airline guests.

Al Aroud Group that is a united conglomerate of businesses including flight services, airline services and financial services that are based on the information technology, advertising, event management, real estate services and travel solutions, has made an announcement that the recent Dhs200m investment made in terms of beverage and food in the region of Mena and UAE is realized using the specialized arm called "Dynamic Hospitality LLC".

The company's shift into food and beverages market will let the Al Around group to control the opportunities for further growth and innovation that is available in the sphere of food and beverages. The anticipated global growth should exceed the $7 trillion level before 2014. Starting integration into F&B market, Al Aroud will get access to more instruments of customer satisfaction, and now it is possible to control the quality of food products offered to the users of airline systems.

The Chairman of Al Aroud Group, Saleh Al Aroud, confirmed that the recent announcement corresponds to the company's global strategy that is taken for business portfolio diversification in order to invest into the potentially profitable industries. The business perspectives of food and beverages in UAE region remain to seem very promising, and it is particularly relevant for the development of new concepts and implementing innovations. The foremost priority is the customer's experience of airline service that improves when qualitative food is served.

The arm of "Dynamic Hospitality" uses various world-known brands that will start to function in the region of UAE in 2012. The contracts have already been signed with American Partners including La Postreria (popular Spanish food studio dinner and sweets), EarthFruits Yogurt and Benningans. This new branch will finish opening new locations of "Dynamic Hospitality for the UAE region guests, and the final number of them is eight. They will be spread over Sharja and Dubai area, and the inaugurations will finish by the end of 2012.

The company added that the current strategy is aimed at giving the UAE clients a completely different experience in terms of food and beverage assortment and quality. That is why the top-management has made a decision about the global business trends and their implementation into the company's program. The preferences of the clients, their exquisite and sophisticated tastes, and the expectations of the way they are serviced by Al Aroud are all taken into account. The dedication to the customer satisfaction along with the long-term successful experience that was obtained all over the world will be the main instruments of meeting the customers' expectations.

The investment of Dhs200m is the first step in the F&B industry and it is the proof that the company is determined to fulfill what was promised in the very beginning. The tactic plan is to provide a more sophisticated and comfortable experience to the clients when it comes to food and beverages. The customers will get even more than they paid for, and their dining experience will exceed their expectations.

The new branch of the company will use the successful example of Benningan's which has become an icon of good taste in dining in the USA, and other legendary successful experiences will also be taken after. Benningan's is well-known for its generous portions, and its three new locations will be launched at The Sahara Centre, the Dubai Mall and the Clarens in Downtown Burj Khalifa.

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