Sahajanand Teams Up With Synova: The First Laser-Microjet Gem Cutting System

The cooperation of Synova SA and Sahajanand Technologies Ltd. for the worldwide supply of diamond cutting machines is progressing fully in accordance with schedule.

Surat, Gujarat, India: The new Laser MicroJet system created by Sahajanand with the Synova technology is marketed under the name Triveni. This laser machine offers an excellent return on investment based on the significant savings of high-value material by cutting very fine and perfectly parallel with the water-guided laser beam. In addition, the cooling effect of the water greatly reduces the risk of cracks and diminishes considerably the loss of diamonds. The automation and handling combined with the vision based inspection of Sahajanand make the machine an even more integrated system; easy to use with low cost of operation. The Triveni diamond cutting system is a true value proposition responding to a strong demand confirmed by numerous inquiries from diamond processors.

Synova's technical know-how integrates well with Sahajanand's application knowledge in the gem diamond field. Vallabh Narola, CEO of Sahajanand Technologies said "SYNOVA is a leading provider of innovative laser cutting systems for a broad range of micromachining and dicing applications. Their patented proprietary Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) technology integrates well with Sahajanand's application knowledge and the expertise in user friendly laser cutting machine manufacturing capabilities. The latest water jet guided laser sawing machine TRIVENI has tremendous advantages over the conventional dry cut laser such as; Lowest Weight Loss compare to any conventional technology, no focusing needed, no damage to stone due to defocused Laser beam, no thermal damage of the diamond, & excellent clean cut surface. The combined efforts from these two entities provide the competitive edge to the diamond industry to meet the technological demands of rapidly growing diamond industry"

Prakash Rakholia, Marketing Director of Sahajanand Technologies said "Laser-sawing technology has progressed over a time from beginnings as blade sawing technology, moving onto the 2nd generation technology of Lamp based technology, IR diode based technology was the third generation technology and Green diode based technology was the fourth generation. The tie-up between the two entities introduces the 5th generation technology for diamond cutting "The most important factor of this Laser Microjet® technology is the collimated laser spot which eliminates the possibilities of PUNCTURE & KHAJURA". The straight cut laser sawing minimizes the utmost loss in diamond and enhances the value to the same diamond. Moreover, due to the straight-cut laser sawing, pointers and cut-grade cannot be missed as in the case of V - cut laser sawing, which adds a true 'value-addition' in polished diamond"

Being located at the world's diamond cutting & polishing hub Surat, India, Sahajanand Technologies is evolved as a pioneer company in design, research, development & manufacturing of high-end technology centered capital equipments for the diamond manufacturing industry. Company has articulated a distinct market sensing mechanism to analyze market trends, customer and industry requirements. This brought a unique set of supremacies to develop customer centric technology solutions. More than 5000 different diamond processing machineries of Sahjanand Technologies are already installed & working successfully in the various diamond manufacturing factories around the world.

Synova SA has been pioneering the Laser MicroJet technology by exploiting the synergy of laser power with water. The water-guided laser beam cuts/drills parallel and cleans kerfs/holes with virtually no heat impact. The technology enables unprecedented possibilities and allows for substantial reduction of total cost in various high-precision application fields such as diamond.


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