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Central Source Mobile Safety Steps, through, offers an extensive range of safety steps to help business facilities in the United Kingdom operate efficiently and safely.

Standard, step-up and industrial ladders are an indispensable component of running a facility. Ladders do not only help make a workplace operate efficiently; such type of equipment also ensures the safety of employees during operations. As such, warehouses and industrial buildings require ladders of all kinds to create a smooth running business.

Central Source Mobile Safety Steps is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial, warehouse and aircraft steps as well as platforms. Based in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, the company boasts of improved product quality, with all items now proudly made in the United Kingdom. is home to Central Source's wide variety of mobile safety steps or warehouse steps and platforms that include the 35-Series, the 58-Series, and the 45-Series Lever Brake Steps with accessories. The Push Along, Easy Action, Glide Along and Office Steps; Single-Ended and Double-Ended Access Platforms; as well as special products that include Footlock, Plastic Steps and Picking Trolleys are also available on the website.

The "aircraft steps", essentially enable users to easily and safely remove objects from high shelving, while using the platform's handrail and side rail to balance better. The company is recognized for providing "staircase" that are fairly lightweight and have wheels or come with a lever brake so that they can be moved easily to where they are needed.

The Mobile Work Platform product line-up from is a modification of the warehouse stairs, characterized either by a larger-than-usual platform or a built-in access to the platform from either side of the stairs. Both the mobile steps and access platforms can be custom-manufactured to a client's individual requirements.

In addition, accepts non-standard product requests, such as bridging units that necessitate modification of the standard design or specially created items.

To know more about the safety steps and platforms from Central Source Mobile Safety Steps, please visit for information, and watch the video on how to operate the must-have warehouse tools.

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