Saen Higgins Books Tax Sale Expert Sean Higgins Salutes Florida Tax Deeds and OTC Liens

Sacramento, California -- Tax sale strategy expert Saen Higgins announces that tax sales are happening year round in the state of Florida.

Sacramento, California -- Tax sale strategy expert Saen Higgins announces that tax sales are happening year round in the state of Florida. Florida, known among investors as a hybrid state, offers an annual lien sale in the spring, monthly deed sales, plus both over the counter liens and deeds year round. Tax liens in this state are extremely popular among investors because Florida pays a potential 18% interest to the certificate buyer, an interest guaranteed by law. OTC liens, available now, are automatically assigned the maximum interest rate, due to lack of competition. Higgins says that counties in Florida are scheduled to sell Tax Deeds, usually once a month; given there are enough properties to warrant a sale. Minimum bids to purchase the deeds to these parcels free and clear is typically just any back taxes owed plus applicable costs and fee's of the sale.

Higgins notes that Florida properties are almost always listed online by the county tax collector or clerk, depending on type of sale. According to Higgins, "Many Florida counties host their auctions online." Tax Sale expert Saen Higgins goes on to explain, "...Counties are now opting to use the internet to host auctions; saving time, effort, and money." Now that online auctions are an option, you can do everything from the comfort of your own home when investing here. Higgins recommends the easiest way to find tax sale listings in Florida, no matter what type of sale it is, can be found on his Higgins National Tax Sale Directory.
The opportunities available in tax sales, according to Higgins, have been a well kept secret in the investment world. With their comparatively high interest rates and potential for acquiring properties for just pennies on the dollar, investors don't have to look far to find a way to break in to this market. Tax sales are happening across the country throughout the entire year as a means for the local government to recoup vital missing funds from homeowners delinquent in their property taxes. Property taxes pay for the community services necessary that are integral to any neighborhood to operate.

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