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Sacramento Dentistry Group Celebrates a Year on E Street With Giveaway

The Sacramento Dentistry Group celebrates the first year in its new office with an Invisalign Day Giveaway. One free Invisalign treatment will be provided to a March 1st, 2014 Invisalign buyer that can be granted to a friend or family member.

Featured Promotion for Invisalign Day, March 1st
Sacramento, California — February 25, 2014 — March 1st will mark the first year that the Sacramento Dentistry Group has operated from its new office on 1105 E Street in downtown Sacramento. Designed with the patient and staff in mind, the address is a comfortable home for the full-service dental practice. To celebrate a successful transition to the new location, the Sacramento Dentistry Group is holding an Invisalign Only Day, Saturday, March 1st from 1 to 5 pm. This event will include a special bonus: one Invisalign buyer will be granted a free treatment to give to a friend or family member.

The Orthodontic Advantages of Invisible Aligners

The Invisalign system of orthodontics uses a set of clear dental aligners to straighten teeth progressively. In this sense only, Invisalign is like traditional orthodontics—the well-known "braces" worn by many teenagers—it gradually moves the teeth into proper position. Otherwise, Invisalign is completely different. For example, Invisalign is:

Removable for short periods each day to eat and clean the teeth,

Aligners are nearly invisible due to their custom fit and clear construction,

Comfortable for the patient due to the absence of oddly shaped metal parts.

These significant improvements in orthodontics have many people trying Invisalign when they would never consider using braces to straighten their teeth. Due to Sacramento Dentistry Group's significant experience with Invisalign treatment, they are a Sacramento Premier Preferred Provider for this form of orthodontics.

Benefits of Invisalign Day at the Sacramento Dentistry Group

Spots are available for thirty people to participate in our free Invisalign consultations on Saturday, March 1st,from 1 to 5 pm. Each person will receive the following benefits:

Free exam for Invisalign candidacy (normally $89)
Free intraoral photographs (normally $49)
Free panoramic radiograph (normally $120)
Discounted treatment with Invisalign (cost varies based on the individual treatment period).

To add the sense of celebration to this event, one of our clients who purchases Invisalign treatment on March 1st will be awarded a free Invisalign treatment for a friend or family member. In effect, that person will be provided two treatments for the price of one!

For more information or to reserve an appointment for Invisalign Day on March 1st, 2014, from 1 to 5 pm, new and existing patients should call the Sacramento Dentistry Group at 916-538-6900, visit our office at 1105 E Street or contact us through our website,

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