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S K Fire Protection Advice Customers on the Importance of Fire Extinguisher Inspection

S K Fire Protection ensure their customers are aware of the importance of fire extinguisher inspections.

S K Fire Protection is a UK based fire safety and equipment specialist with professional outlets located throughout the country. The company has been operating for over sixty years and provides customers with years of experience, knowledge and superior customer service.

This fire safety and equipment company offers their customers a host of fire related services and products from fire extinguishers to the servicing and inspection of fire extinguishers, staff training, risk assessments, alarms, signage and more.

The company believes that it's imperative that their customers understand the importance of regularly inspecting their fire extinguishers, ensuring they work perfectly in the event of a fire.

A spokesperson from S K Fire Protection said "We recommend that all our customers do a fire extinguisher inspection of their own at least once a week. They need to ensure the extinguishers are correctly located, they are not damaged, they are clearly signed and they have the correct pressure. Should they have any dents in the canister or missing parts, we request our customers contact us immediately so we can rectify the situation."

In many cases when a fire breaks out, the leading cause for complete damage and a building which is burned to the ground, so to speak could be the result of faulty equipment. A fire extinguisher with a damaged pin or no pressure is useless against the spreading flames.

S K Fire Protection also mentioned that they ensure their customers are aware on the different fire extinguishers available, what they are used for and how they use them. The training provided by the company ensures that all delegates get a hand on experience to using a fire extinguisher, ensuring they can be useful in the event of a fire at work or home.

This company supplies both homes and businesses throughout the country with a personalized service. They understand that every customer is unique in their requirements, which is why their experienced and knowledgeable team tailor their service to suit each customer, ensuring they exceed their customer's expectations.

S K Fire Protection is constantly growing in terms of the number of customers, they are contacted on a daily basis by companies who are trying to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005, which requires that all staff with fire responsibilities receive adequate information, training and instruction.

About Us: S K Fire Protection is an established UK fire safety and equipment specialist offering products and training throughout the United Kingdom. This company offers a host of fire safety services including fire extinguisher servicing, inspections and replacement, fire risk assessments, training and much more. With over sixty years' experience in the industry, S K Fire Protection ensure their customers receive the highest quality service by experienced and knowledgeable contractors. The company has a number of professionals operating from outlets throughout the country offering superior service to business and homeowners. To find out more about S K Fire Protection, visit their website at http://www.skfireprotection.co.uk.

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