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Ryan Coleman Declares War Against Katherine Smeltzer, Andres Alonzo, Edward Jones, Bria Tanner and Other Accusers

Ryan Coleman declares war on those that falsely accused him in a 112 million dollar lawsuit

Baltimore, MD-Ryan Coleman, who was absolved of all charges, has filed a lawsuit against his accusers in Baltimore City Circuit Court."The lawsuit is set in place to hold people accountable for these false allegations, and for this not to happen again", Ryan Coleman told a local newspaper.

Ryan Coleman was the Dean of Discipline at Baltimore City College. His accuser Bria Tanner whom later recanted her story accused Mr. Coleman of touching her buttocks. An initial investigation from the Baltimore City Schools System cleared him of any wrong doing, the Department of Social Services concluded that Bria Tanner was lying and ruled out any wrong doing, and Coleman passed a Polygraph.

The Baltimore City Police Department's Officer Edward Jones repeatedly interviewed Tanner. The trouble youth has a pattern of making false accusations of child abuse to settle scores with anyone of authority. This case was no different as she was upset that Coleman suspended and stopped her from attending her junior prom. Witness statements confirm that Tanner fabricated the entire situation and was coached so charges could be brought against Mr. Coleman. The Complaint alleges that Katherine Smeltzer of the Baltimore City States Attorney's Office intentionally postponed the case over eight times, from 2010-2012 before deciding to drop all charges. Smeltzer knew the witness was not credible.

Coleman is suing Bria Tanner, Georgalane Tanner, Officer Edward Jones, States Attorney Katherine Smeltzer, Jose Rosado, Andres Alonzo, Bruce Chase, the Baltimore City Police Department, the Baltimore States Attorney Office, the Baltimore City Department of Social Services and the Baltimore City Public School System.

A Department of Social Services employee speaking anonymously stated that "The case against Coleman was very odd and tragic. In my 25 year career I have never seen when CPS has ruled out child abuse accusations but the police still bring charges. These type of cases with innocent defendants makes it harder to get individuals who do commit these types of crimes. It makes you wonder what the motivation was in this case".

Coleman said many individuals conspired to bring him down, It didn't work. I am bringing this lawsuit to stamp out corruption in the Baltimore City Police Department, the Baltimore City States Attorney's Office and the Baltimore City Public Schools. Thank goodness the courts give you an opportunity to redress this avoidable and sad situations.

Coleman has hired the firm of Ward and Pratz to handle his civil suit.

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