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Russian Language Extends Its Frontiers

Tomsk State University opened Pushkin Center based on Shenyang Polytechnic University, China, where students can learn Russian.

Long-standing partnership between the universities allowed opening 2+2 program, in which students study two years in one country and two, in the other.

The center's principal purpose is teaching Russian to Chinese students and preparing them for study in Russia. Teachers of the Pushkin Center give classes in Russian only so that the students can study the language deeper and get better understanding of its grounds. Alongside with acquiring language skills, students study Russian culture. The classes are given for groups of 6-8 students. Such small groups allow the teachers to find individual approach to each student.

Mostly, engineering students and philologists study in 2+2 program. Participation in this program for Chinese is a perfect opportunity to get an education abroad. For the first two years, they study in Shenyang Polytechnic University and for the third and fourth year, they come to Tomsk State University. Upon accomplishing the bachelor program, they obtain two diplomas: a Chinese one and a Russian one. The first class graduated in 2012, when 12 persons got their diplomas in Philology. About ten years ago, Shenyang Polytechnic University enrolled about ten students in 2+2 program. There are more than 60 participants of the program now; it is popular among students.

During the last ten years, the interest towards Russian in China has grown. The reason for the growing interest is good neighborly relationships with Russia. Recently, mutual visits of government members of both countries have become more frequent; economic cooperation is actively developing. The Chinese beginning to learn Russian know that they can find a well-paid job.

Tomsk State University cooperates with 21 countries and has partnership relations with 66 educational institutions abroad.

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