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Rural and Urban Insight Series 2013

It is a toolkit for companies, academicians, management and students which can help them understand the distinct rural and urban characteristics of India at various levels include block & town & decoding the geographical heterogeneity of India.

Kapsole has launched a web based query enabled application 'Rural and Urban Insight Series 2013' which will act as toolkit for managers looking to expand the business across the length and breadth of India. This web based database provides granular information at state, district, towns and blocks regarding market, economic, demographic and social aspects. The full version contains 35 states, 640 districts, 5985 blocks and 7838 towns. The application also enables listing of villages' names falling under different levels.

This unique application facilitates users to draw comparison and contrast between rural and urban regions at state, district, and town and block level. The characteristics of targeted areas can be analyzed on the basis of demography, social development aspects and facilities while relative performance between areas or territories can be compared.

The web application is highly useful to corporate planning entry strategy into new markets, expanding distribution networks, or designing media and communication plans at micro level. NGOs, international organizations and institutions can target poor districts and backward rural areas.

The academia including social science and marketing students & professors can benefit from this web application as it enables learning about development aspects at granular level.

Each geographic territory is summarized in form of indices which serves as a barometer for a given market against which the performance is measured. Thus, the diverse aspects of geographically varied markets are being summarized, rated and represented through index values. The key categories being formed are: Assets, Facility, Standard of living and Overall index showing strengths and weaknesses of regions.

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