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Women like the platform runway shoes because the platform runway shoes are more comfortable than the high heel sandals. A platform runway shoe doesn't harm your feet like the high heels. The platform shoes are weared by the models to demonstrate their accessories and their clothing. These are the shoes you can also wear also in the summer season. You can pair your runway shoes with any type of dress like trousers, skirts. You can also wear the platform shoes in spring season.

The platform shoes are generally weared by women but now the men also take interest in the platform shoes because of their comfort and no harmful effect on their feet. The platform shoes are soft; designer so can be weared by people of any age. The high heel sandals burn, pinch , cause inflammation and cause other side effects on your foot but the runway shoes are quite comfortable to wear and also can be weared by old age people.

In early platform history the platform shoes were more popular in fifteenth century. In the fifteenth century the platform shoes are the status symbol of rich people. In history runway shoes often skew impractical super - high heels, teetering platforms and chunky wedges that appear impossible to walk in. but now the best part about the platform runway shoe is that these are quite comfortable, stylish, gorgeous, awesome, designer and fantastic shoes.

Runway fashion is the leading event for classic and independent fashion designers to showcase. Many designers create amazing collections and no one really gets to see them. It is so expensive to show at the main fashion weeks. Runway fashion is passionate about assisting classic and independent fashion designer collections. Choosing the right pair of shoes is not a simple task anymore. Choosing the right pair of shoes is just like to choose a mate. Make sure that it is a good fit and does not cause pain in your foot. The shoe industry has changed drastically and has become over saturated with designers. With new technological advancements in material and production methods, consumers are hanging on to their heels trying to find the most suitable pair to wear.

In fashion a runway is a narrow usually flat platform that runs into an auditorium used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories. The platform diamante shoes are one of our most popular platform shoes. With the incredible platform unit that is diamante encrusted and with t - bar thick diamante straps these are head turning prom shoes that are perfect for summer. These are absolutely very -very gorgeous.


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