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Rug Carpet and Rug Cleaning Helps Customers with Their Before and After Demonstrations

Rug Carpet and Rug Cleaning, helps their customers to decide if they should hire them or not, with their before and after demonstrations, showing the level of service that they can actually provide

Rug Carper and Rug Cleaning, a well known upholstery cleaning and repair company, from New York, are helping their customers to decide if they want to hire them or not with their before and after demonstrations.

The before and after demonstrations are in the form of photographs, that they have taken when they have been working for current clients. The images show a section of carpet that they have cleaned and a section that they have not. Therefore, the customers can see that they have a high level of cleaning ability.

The images are live on their website and customers can view them freely. They do not have to contact the company and ask for a demonstration, or anything like that. The before and after demonstration section can be accessed by clicking on the link on their main menu section, on the front page of their website.

Some of their customers have indicated that they were reluctant at first because they didn't think a carpet that was so dirty could be cleaned. They were going to spend extra money and they buy a new carpet. However, they saw the before and after demonstration page and decided to hire the company. Therefore, they saved a lot of money on the price of a new carpet.

A company spokesperson added, "We are very happy that the before and after demonstration page is doing its job. When we were originally thinking about having such a page, we thought that the aim of the page was to encourage people to have their rugs and carpets cleaned instead of buying a new one. Our customers have indicated that it made them get their carpet cleaned rather than spend the money on a new one. Therefore, they have been very happy with the page. We hope to upload even more images in the future."

Rug Carpet and Rug Cleaning is a very busy company. They are experiencing a busy period at the moment because people are having to repair their carpets which have been damaged by the weather. They have been flooded, or people have walked on the carpet with snow on their shoes.

About Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning : Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning are a company who do what it says on the tin, they are a rug and carpet cleaning company. They operate in the areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey. They are different from other carpet cleaners because they use organic products to clean the carpets and rugs. They do not use chemicals because they believe they are harmful to the home and to the environment. They are devoted being green and they even have a team devoted to it. They believe that using chemicals on carpets are a quick fix, but the air around the carpet will become contaminated, that is why they use green products. You can visit their website at

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