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Royal Custom Watches Releasing Reproductions Via

Royal Custom Watches to release authorized reproductions of its high-end timepieces.

On Wednesday, Royal Custom Watches will be launching the first ever authorized reproductions of high-end timepieces via This has never occurred that a manufacturer has released reproductions of its own watches.
The Royal Custom Reproduction launch will take place on after a previously successful soft test on ebay arranged with the ebay VeRO department.

Manager of Business Development, Linda Allison, stated: "We are very excited to release these watches publicly to see what the market reaction will be. If the market is hot, we anticipate developing strong retail relationships with large department stores as well as watch and jewelry retailers. If the market is cool to this innovative product and thinking, at least we will know that this model does not work. From initial reactions in our ebay test, we believe the market will love this product."

The illegal counterfeit watch industry does more than one billion US dollars in annual revenue worldwide. It has been suggested that unauthorized Rolex watches surpass the production of authentic Rolex watches ten fold.

Unauthorized reproductions are illegal. They bear counterfeit trademarks and infringe on the intellectual property rights of the trademark holders. Trafficking in (buying or selling) items bearing counterfeit trademarks is a criminal violation of US Federal Law and is a criminal violation of law in most states and most other countries.

By choosing to purchase an authorized reproduction watch such as a Royal Custom, a consumer will be directing that revenue toward legitimate organizations rather than supporting criminal organizations and cartels.

About Royal Custom Watches
Royal Custom Watches are dramatically enhanced Rolex watches for the purpose of improved durability, functionality, and aesthetic design. Many original Rolex components are removed and replaced with Royal Custom components. The original Rolex components are then hermetically sealed into the display box for perfect preservation and ensured future value. The hermetically sealed components can be used at any point in the future to convert the Royal Custom back into a completely 100% original, undamaged, unworn Rolex timepiece.

The original Rolex movement is the power source for the Royal Custom enhanced timepiece. The Rolex movement may be upgraded to include some precious metal components such as rotor and various plates/bridges. The balance bridge, balance wheel, and hairspring may also be hermetically sealed in the display box on certain models so they don't get worn and are replaced with Royal Custom balance bridges, balance wheels, and hairsprings.

Replaced components include the Rolex case, bezel, bezel insert, caseback, crown, winding stem, hands, face, bracelet, buckle, and rotor. The original Rolex components are replaced with upgraded metals such as .950 platinum; 18k gold; .900 palladium; titanium; diamondized aluminum; .925 silver; high-tech ceramics; and anti-allergenic surgical grade stainless steel. Plasma Vapor Deposit (PVD); Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coatings; and Rhodium plating further enhance the components in many of the Royal Custom Watches. It should be noted that authorized reproduction Royal Custom Watches will not contain any Rolex components.

Royal Custom is not affiliated with Montres Rolex S.A., Rolex USA, Inc., nor any of its affiliates and subsidiaries. Please do not infer any official relationship between Royal Custom and Rolex. Royal Custom operates completely independently of Rolex. In this disclaimer, the term "Rolex" is used under the "Fair Use" provision of the Lanham Act in a Good Faith effort to ensure no implied relationship.

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