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Rosie Pickles Returns to the US/Miramar, FL

Acquire Partners, Incorporated of Miramar, Florida, is the publisher for Rosie Pickles' stories. Her children's books are referred to as coming from "The Pickle Factory"™. Ms. Pickles has taken childhood and adult events from her life and turned th

Local author Sheri de la Fe' has recently moved to Miami and is making a big splash in the publishing world with her children's books. Mrs. de la Fe' was working in support to our troops overseas for several years where she developed her first series of books based on her two wiener dogs Huckleberry and Razberry, affectionately called Huck and Raz. Since that time, she has written and continues to write more stories bringing laughter, silliness and life's lessons to children while encouraging children to read.

Writing under the pen name of Rosie Pickles, Mrs. de la Fe' has published her books via Acquire Partners, Incorporated of Miami Florida in a development contract that will see the release of numerous children's books. Her first stories have been released on

The Adventures of Huck and Raz follow the antics of Rosie's two miniature dachshund's and are based on the actual events of Rosie and her son, Richie in raising the two wiener dogs. Huck and Raz stories show the chaos, love and laughter that the little dogs have brought in to the world. The wiener stories follow the pair from joining the family to moving to Europe and riding scooters with little doggie helmets and goggles through the German countryside.

In addition to the Huck and Raz series, Rosie has written additional stories for children and adults. Her story, "The Cow Who Wanted to be a Horse" discusses how the desire to be special for something other than what we are hides the specialness we bring into the world. Rosie's other stories - "Larry the Lizard", Gracie's Grasshopper Club", "PkwEEck!", and "Mr. Pudding Head" - all bring laughter and light-hearted stories for children of all ages. In "The Pickle Factory", Rosie turns her attention to the "typical" adult workforce which isn't all that typical. Adults will recognize the workforce of a misfit incompetent, a grumpy old man who can't match his tie to his suit, an innocent bystander and a guy who has a job but doesn't seem to do anything but talk to the young girls in the factory; lighthearted fun for grown-ups and kids alike! Lastly, her most popular young adult novella, "Catching Whales", is an inspirational story about a young girl and her Grandfather set in Greece where she learns to believe in herself, to follow her dreams and not to be afraid.

Rosie's stories are available on and downloadable for Kindle as an e-reader. Feedback and any community event opportunities are most welcome via email to

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