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Ron MacDonald Discusses Energy Storage Solutions On Clean Energy View Radio Show With June Stoyer

Chairman of American Vanadium discusses innovative battery technology which economically uses renewable energy for mass electrical energy storage on The Clean Energy View Radio Show on February 19, 2013 at 12 p.m. EDT.

Ron MacDonald, Executive Chairman, American Vanadium Corp. (TSV.V: AVC) will be the featured guest on The Clean Energy View Radio Show ( with host, June Stoyer, on February 19, 2013 at 12 p.m. Eastern. Mr. MacDonald will discuss American Vanadium's unique leadership position in the production of vanadium for use in energy storage solutions. Vanadium will be used in products such as grid scale batteries for the energy sector and Lithium Vanadium Phosphate batteries for electric vehicles. This technology is key for bringing renewable energy into the mainstream because it is the only battery technology today capable of powering everything from a residence to the storage demands of an electric power grid.

American Vanadium ( is developing the only vanadium mine in the United States. The Company's Gibellini Project, located in Nevada, is being designed to economically produce vanadium products for the chemical and titanium alloying industries, as well as vanadium electrolyte for the energy storage business. This strategic asset gives American Vanadium the opportunity to vertically integrate into the highest value market, mass energy storage. The Company will focus on producing vanadium electrolyte, powders, crystals and oxide pellets for premium markets such as grid scale flow battery systems, chemical and pollution control applications as well as for the aerospace and defense industries.

"Innovative leadership, in the production of highly competitive, efficient electric energy storage solutions will help the United States become more sustainable and energy independent as renewable energy from wind and solar can now be stored and offered as dispatchable electricity," said Ron MacDonald, Executive Chairman of American Vanadium. "Our unique vanadium deposit, combined with our key technology partners, makes this happen."

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