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New Portrait Shoot available as ShinyBlackApple Photographers venture into new area's of creativity.

Fancied something different from a photo shoot? Order a Deluxe Package from ShinyBlackApple and have access to their full prop sets. A Rock Star outfit put together by Rich at ShinyBlackApple Stockport has attracted a lot of attention and produced some stunning results.

Rich spoke to us, "It's amazing how kids personalities change when we dress them up to look like a genuine Rock Idols, it's so funny, perhaps posing like a Rock God is built into our DNA. Some of the faces and poses are all unbrushed genuine grit from kids who seem to soak up the attention as soon as they are kitted up."

You can see for yourself with the images enclosed, these children are clearly enjoying themselves. It is still unclear if it is the outfit or the photographer who gets the best out of these shoots. The fact is these photos are stunning and more and more families are edging to ShinyBlackApple photography studios for all kinds of memorabilia.

We continued to talk to Rich at ShinyBlackApple, "I've loved shooting these sessions, having that little extra in props for our customers has made a massive difference to our photography, some customers have had tears in their eyes when viewing the pictures back. I love it! I've gone for high end fashion accessories by the likes of Miss Sixty, Energie, Diesel and Ted Baker. Attention to detail is key, then creating the correct atmosphere for the kids to let go and enjoy themselves is vital."

We asked, what will be next? "I'm not sure but it will be amazing! It's so difficult to choose outfits for photo sessions, it's easy to say, I'm going to make a rock star outfit, but finding the right clothes which work for the lens can be tricky. Sometimes it's a case of going out shopping and design a shoot around what you find! Ballet comes to mind and an obvious choice, perhaps I could get an F1 driving suit made with a mini helmut [laughs] it's harder to make up outfits for lads, the girls are easy, there's so much more out there."

Fantastic shoots at fantastic prices, ShinyBlackApple market their services at ordinary families who want something to treasure. High quality photo shoots which appear to double up as a family day out and bonding session. They also have a new studio open in Lymm. Both offer the same services.

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