RoboShields, The World's Best Screen Protectors, Have Announced Their Reseller Program

Partnering with Actify, Roboshields has created a new turn-key reseller model

Roboshields, innovators of screen protection for today's delicate electronic devices, is now innovating how these products are sold to the public. Roboshields has partnered with Actify to create a reseller program that is easy to get into and is virtually guaranteed to turn huge profits. Roboshields will be at the Spree Show in Las Vegas in April 8-10, 2014.

"Never fear dust again!" - Rob Moser, Founder

Roboshields, in partnership with Actify (Boost Mobile Master Agent for SPG), is now able to offer an amazing retail kiosk that will allow entrepreneurs to begin a locally owned business, quickly and efficiently. The demand for telephone accessories is one the world's fastest growing markets and the protection that Roboshield offers can save users hundreds of dollars on the replacement cost of an entire phone. Entrepreneurs looking to earn significant profits from a turn-key operation.

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RoboShields manufactures military grade screen protectors for smart devices. Their focus is prepaid carriers' phones, but also they manufacture for the other carriers. The material is reusable up to 9 times making it easier for customers to install our product without needing to replace the protector.

"It really is reusable. I forgot to wipe down my phone and got dust all over the screen protector. Just pulled it off, cleaned and put it back on. Perfect!" - Bob Goebel

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