Risky Business - By: Gena Martin

It's a truth widely accepted that being an entrepreneur is hard work. Work, though, that they are willing to do, to get to where they desire to be later in their lives. As entrepreneur Lori Greiner stated, "Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours

It's a truth widely accepted that being an entrepreneur is hard work. Work, though, that they are willing to do, to get to where they desire to be later in their lives. As entrepreneur Lori Greiner stated, "Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid 40 hours a week of working for someone else." The working for someone else part, only gets you so far in life. The hours you put in, the ideas you come up with on your job, and the promotions you get... they benefit most the person you work for. No matter what you do or how much time you put into your work, you can only make so much and get promoted so high. What if you were an entrepreneur? What if you worked for yourself? Only then would you be limitless in the amount of money you could make and the benefits you could acquire.

We have heard many people claim that it is easier to just show up to work for eight hours each day and then be finished for the day. That is fine, if that makes you happy, not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. However, if you question that there may be more to life than this daily grind, you might be an entrepreneur. If you detest the daily shop talk, daily sports talk, daily vending machine breaks, daily gossip about fellow employees, time clocks, bathroom breaks, oppressive supervisors... maybe your missing your calling.

The naysayers will tell you being an entrepreneur is to risky, there's no job security, and you can lose money.
Let's dispatch of these myths right off.

Myth #1: "Being an Entrepreneur is to risky."
Relying on one form of income from a single employer is far more risky then relying on your own endeavors. What happens when you get your hours cut, demoted, fired, laid off, or your employer suddenly closes it doors, as we are seeing more often in this economy. The people that developed no other skills or forms of income are at the greatest risk of losing.

Myth #2: "There is no job security."
There is no such thing as security, when other people and companies are in charge of your income and retirement plan. Most recently, companies cutting hours to avoid the additional cost of the "Affordable Care Act", because it is not affordable for the employers. Retirement is no longer a guarantee, as companies realize the magnitude of their legacy cost to retirees, there will be less and less employers fulfilling or offering retirement plans. A quick search online will show you some of the most recent pension defaults.

Myth #3: "Entrepreneurs can lose money."
This is one of our favorites. People place money in a bank, while it loses value daily via inflation and they believe this to be a risk free endeavor. People invest in the stock market and have no control over the value of the stock, don't know what a stop loss is, and that they are competing with high frequency trading that can cause stocks to rise and fall in mere seconds. To sum it up, they are getting their tails kicked and losing money everyday while believing it is secure, safe, and their only option.

Growing up, we are taught that the only method to living is going to school and getting a job. A child enters the education system with an imagination and dreams, but comes out as a consumer and ready to receive orders from authority, who put their faith not in self, but in some preserved security that only others can provide. The "authority" are just other men and women who escaped this thought process and provided a product or service. They learned to unlearn a system and instead learned to be producers, providers, and leaders.

People only have to awaken the giant within and start educating themselves on how they can tap into their talents and provide something to their fellow man, the key to being an entrepreneur. You must truly provide value to people and want to give. It is only through giving of self that you will be rewarded in life and business is no exception. It is true that many game the system and gain, while cutting corners and undermining their people, but they will not last. Integrity will win the day with people and build something of value for the server and the servee.

"Entrepreneurs write their own book that is filled with stories of new challenges, victory, and defeats"... Jay Martin

Being an entrepreneur is definitely not for meek of heart, but for those of you who choose to step out of your comfort zone and work on something that fulfills your life beyond what you thought possible, there are endless opportunities. An entrepreneur driven by passion will do whatever is required to build their dream. Entrepreneurship is just another way of living, while enjoying what you are doing whenever and from wherever you desire.

Absolutely, being an entrepreneur requires many things such as hard work, drive, self motivation, and the never say die attitude. It is clear that risky business is not relying on yourself, but relying on someone else. Are you entrepreneur enough to take the risk out of your business and produce something?


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