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Rising Storm: Fading Empires Volume I Online Book Launch Event

Come join the party. The RIsing Storm book release is almost here. Don't miss your chance to win free prizes and mingle with cool people.

Filmmaker/author Ian Kane is announcing the official Facebook book launch event for Rising Storm: Fading Empires Volume I, the debut novel in an epic, fast-paced Apocalyptic/Survival Horror series.

Established empires are fading and altered realities embrace a sinister future. Fading Empires is a time and place where unlikely heroes, scheming villains, monstrous entities, and ruthless super-gangs clash for dominance.

The year is 2047 and Earth's major remaining governments are now completely powerless in the face of the recently emerged voracious "megacorps" that now have near virtual reign over every aspect of life. They are headed by a ruthless power elite class whose dominance runs unabated due to their control over various police and military forces that have been co-opted by them.

However, as always, pockets of resistance develop as Leonard Kilbane, former black ops super soldier—turned rogue resistance leader, assembles a diverse group of mercenaries who are learning to put their differences aside in order to stand up to the ultra-suppressive, all powerful corporate state.

A writer his entire life, Mr. Kane began writing in earnest during his time in the military, as well as developing film projects. After serving honorably on active duty, he has continued to create stories that are immersive and engrossing.

The launch event will be held on Facebook on June 2nd, 2014, and perspective guests are invited to join at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/253875324814993/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

For more information on Fading Empires please contact Ian Kane at (323) 375-4282 or iankanewrites@gmail.com, and visit iankanebooks.com and iankaneauthor.com.

A portion of the sales for Rising Storm will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF).

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